The New Generation Of Nokia Smartphones Has Finally Arrived In Malaysia

And it comes with the most iconic mobile phones of all time.

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The New Generation Of Nokia Smartphones Has Finally Arrived In Malaysia
Image: Nokia
For those of you who had the privilege of owning a mobile phone when you were growing up, you must have had a Nokia phone at least once in your life. And for many of us, it was our first phone (most likely a hand-me-down from our parents or elder siblings).
Although Nokia phones haven’t been all that popular in recent years, especially with the likes of Apple and Samsung, many people around the world were still surprised when Microsoft announced last year that they would no longer produce Nokia phones.
What was once a mega phone company was finally beaten down by many other more popular smartphones.
But recently, the Finnish brand saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
In December 2016, Nokia found its way to a brand new home with HMD Global. Not only that, the company unveiled a whole new range of Nokia smartphones at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year.
And the new series has landed on Malaysian shores!
On Tuesday, HMD Global announced the release of its first Nokia smartphones range in Malaysia – Nokia 6, Nokia 5, Nokia 3 and the rebirth of the iconic Nokia 3310.
This series of smartphones boasts of “superior craftsmanship, distinctive design and powerful entertainment features” with a pure Android experience. That’s quite the transformation considering Nokia’s Window Phone predecessors.
With this release, Nokia smartphones have stepped into a new era as the company reintroduces a brand of mobile phones that was very well loved and trusted by Malaysians from all walks of life more than a decade ago.

Nokia 3

This compact phone comes with a very affordable price tag.
This device features a precision machined aluminium frame crafted out of a single piece of aluminium, offering durable structure and protection.
It also features a fully laminated 5” IPS display with no air gap and sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass, delivering a superb viewing experience that is second to none. You also get less reflection thanks to the polarised screen, giving you crisp and clear visibility that is unbeatable even under the bright sun.
This smartphone is integrated with an 8MP autofocus rear and front camera, as well as an unlimited photo and video storage with Google Photos.
The Nokia 3 is available in four colours – Matte Black, Silver, Tempered Blue and Copper. It retails for only RM599, and that’s inclusive of GST! You can find in stores from mid-June onwards.

Nokia 5

This phone makes you want to keep holding it.
This device is carefully engineered out of a single block of 6000 series aluminium to create a body that flows seamlessly into the laminated 5.2” IPS HD display with sculpted Corning Gorilla Glass.
The Nokia 5 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430, giving it an excellent battery life and graphics performance.
With a screen that performs well under sunlight and lowlight, it also has a 13MP autofocus rear camera and an 8MP 84-degree wide angle front camera, which allows you to include more background in your selfies!
The Nokia 5 is available in four colours – Matte Black, Silver, Tempered Blue and Copper. It retails for RM799 starting from end of June onwards.

Nokia 6

It's like holding your personal cinema in the palm of your hands.
This smartphone offers a great entertainment experience with a 5.5” full HD screen and dual-speaker smart audio amplifier with Dolby Atmos sound.
Crafted from a single block of 6000 series aluminium, it also has a fully laminated display stack which provides great readability under sunlight.
Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 and Qualcomm Adreno 505, it is the perfect balance between performance and power consumption. This gives you a maximized entertainment experience with some extra battery life to spare!
The Nokia 6 is available in four colours – Matte Black, Silver, Tempered Blue and Copper. It retails for a competitive price at RM999 and will be available starting from end-June.

Nokia 3310

It has a camera now!
The moment we’ve all been waiting for…
Who can ever forget the iconic Nokia 3310? The durable phone that has become one of the best-selling feature phones of all time.
We already heard that it’s making a comeback with a complete facelift earlier this year.
Boasting an incredible 22-hour talk time and standby time that can last an entire month (OMG), the Nokia 3310 is back with a fresh, colourful and modern design!
Now you can talk all day, text all day, take photos all day, listen to music all day, or even play the old-school hit mobile game Snake all day long!
The Nokia 3310 is available in four colours – Warm Red and Yellow with a gloss finish, Dark Blue and Grey with a matte finish. This nostalgic phone will only set you back RM239! You can find it in stores starting from the first week of June onwards.

Anyone wants to challenge us to a Snake game?

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