Why You Need This Fall/Winter Collection Even If You Live In A Tropical Country

We wanna keep some in our freezing cold office.

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Why You Need This Fall/Winter Collection Even If You Live In A Tropical Country
Just because we live in a country without four seasons (or maybe we do: Hot, Hotter, Wet, Wetter), doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the trendy fashion styles that come with the colder seasons.
Uniqlo, a Japanese brand that embodies its home country’s values of simplicity, quality and longevity, is devoted to creating clothes that make our everyday lives much better and more comfortable.
Feels like winter already.
This speaks through their latest Fall/Winter 2017 Collection which we managed to sneak a peek and we think even people like us who live in a humid country absolutely need!

Your everyday essentials are sorted with these denims and knits

No matter where you’re from, you must own at least one piece of denim or knitwear in your wardrobe. Uniqlo’s line of essentials that have transcended national and cultural boundaries continuously meets new needs.
I mean, who doesn't own a pair of jeans?
The brand’s innovative technologies in denim produce jeans that are stylish yet comfortable. In this collection, you’ll find jeans with the finest fabric, fit and finish straight out of the company’s Denim Innovation Centre in Los Angeles.
We want some of that wool-y goodness.
The apparel brand has joined hands with the leading knitting machine production technology in Japan, Shima Seiki Manufacturing to develop and manufacture quality knits at affordable prices. This Fall/Winter 2017 collection houses 3D U-Knits that look so comfortable we want to wear them in our freezing cold office right now!
Straight outta Paris.
The Uniqlo U line is birthed from Parisian designer Christophe Lemaire and his talented team of designers and pattern makers. It is a range that leverages on the traditions of one of the top fashion capitals in the world, drawing new fabrics and cutting edge technologies to craft revolutionary clothing basics.

Dress like a stylish Frenchman

Uniqlo has collaborated with Fresh designer Ines De La Fressange for the eighth season and for the first time, this line includes men’s clothing as well!
Such vintage. Much wow.
Featuring designs that embody Parisian chic, you can now dress like a stylish French person and go out on a super stylish date with your boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, the whole attire works perfectly for any sort of daily situation, even for a walk in the park!

Bring along a bit of Disney magic with you

This Fall/Winter 2017 collection includes a new lineup of Disney collection that your whole family can enjoy.
M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E! (Don't lie, you totally sang that!)
Who doesn’t love the iconic Mickey Mouse pose that has made him a timeless favourite from all around the world? In the Mickey Travels line, you get T-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, pouches, accessories and more with the cartoon mouse “travelling” to New York, Paris, London, Shanghai and Tokyo in the classic 1940s art.

Wear these light and functional clothes any time of the year

Uniqlo’s staple Japanese technologies it is line of clothing offer items that you can wear no matter what temperature it is, whether you’re in the middle of the coldest of winters or hottest of summers.
Style 'em any way you like.
The Heattech is a thin and warm innerwear which can absorb your body’s moisture and turn it into heat trapped within the fibers, perfect for any type of cold weather you’re in! You can choose between Standard, Extra Warm or Ultra Warm, depending on how cold you can or cannot tahan.
The Ultra Light Down jackets marries warmth and lightness in this jackets made out of ultrafine yet durable fiber. It is so light and compact that you can even replace your sweaters with it! It can also be easily folded into an accompanying pouch which you can carry around conveniently and whip out as and when needed.
The AIRism is an innerwear that keeps you dry and comfortable in any kind of weather. It comes with a special kind of fiber to allow more air and get rid of trapped moisture. So if you’re one of those who sweats easily in not-so-pretty places, this range is perfect for you.

Regardless of your age, culture and lifestyle, we trust that the new Uniqlo Fall/Winter 2017 collection has a piece that suits your individual needs.

They're not available in stores just yet so you don't have to run to the nearest Uniqlo store right now. But we'll definitely keep you posted!

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