5 Useful Hacks To Make Life In The Bathroom Easier For You

This will make you wanna spend more time in your bathroom!

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5 Useful Hacks To Make Life In The Bathroom Easier For You
Image: Shane Prior Bathrooms
If your bathroom isn't exactly your favourite place in the house, we discovered some very interesting and useful hacks that can make your shower time and toilet time a lot more... um... enjoyable!

Here are some helpful bathroom hacks you can use right away.

#1 Steam iron in the shower

Doesn't work with cold shower lah.
This is the best trick for people who hate ironing. Just hang any piece of clothing with light wrinkles in the bathroom while you shower (with hot water, of course) and your clothes will be good as new once you’re done. It’s basically the same idea behind steam ironing, except you don’t even need to touch the iron!
But this only works with small wrinkles, so don’t think about hanging your super crumpled jeans and expect magic to happen.

We recommend:

BUMERANG clothes hanger
The clothes hanger we swear by is IKEA's BUMERANG clothes hanger. The hanger is made of solid wood, so you'll be able to hang heavier clothes on it. The best part? You can get eight pieces for just RM22.90! What a steal.

#2 Stack some plates for more space

A cake holder also works.
Running out of space on your bathroom counter thanks to your significant other’s extravagant skincare/beauty routine? You can just stack some plates together on a holder and create extra space. Everybody wins!

We recommend:

OFTAST side plate
For this purpose, the OFTAST side plate is your best choice. It's made of tempered glass, which makes the plate extra resistant to impact. The best part about the OFTAST plate? It's only RM2.90 per piece. You don't have to worry about breaking any.

#3 Turn your bathroom into a radio

Add more boom to your sound before your cup of coffee.
If you’re somebody who absolutely need music wherever you go, you probably can’t stand being in the shower without your phone over the following reasons: it’s not waterproof and you can’t even hear your favourite songs on top of the running water.
The solution is easy! Just place your phone in a mug and the sound will automatically be amplified. But if you don’t have a mug anywhere in your house for some weird reason, the sink works just as well. But make sure the sink is dry!

We recommend:

Not only is the DINERA mug deep enough for you to put your phone inside, the drainage gates on the underside will ensure that no water is trapped underneath the cup when you're in the shower. On top of that, the muted colour and matt glaze of the mug gives your bathroom a rustic feel.

#4 More space to hang your towels

You won't even see it coming!
Running out of space to throw your towels? Whether on your bathroom towel rack, on that extra chair in your room or even on the floor, if you live in a house full of people with limited space to spare, there’s most likely one more spot you didn’t look – behind the door!
Simply attach a few extra tower racks to the back of your bathroom door and you’ll have more space to hang your wet towels with extra room to spare!

We recommend:

The thing we love the most about the KUNGSFORS rail is that it's durable and very simple to install. The best part about the rail is, it's rust resistant and it can be used in high humidity areas. You can take all the hot showers you want, and the rail will still be like new.

#5 Baskets on the wall

It looks so pretty now.
Wire baskets like this don’t necessarily have to stay on the floor or in the closet. You can repurpose them to function as floating shelves to store fresh towels or toilet paper. Just anchor them into the wall with a few screws and a bit of drilling, and your bathroom will have some brand new storage items!

We recommend:

OBSERVATÖR clip-on basket
If you don't like the idea of drilling holes in your wall, you could use the OBSERVATÖR's clip-on to hook it to any surface, including the sink. 

In case you haven’t noticed, the products we mentioned above are, yes, from everyone’s favourite ready-to-assemble furniture store Ikea…and you could get them with just a click of the button!

That’s right; IKEA’s online store is now open and you could browse through hundreds (if not thousands) of items without the need to leave the comfort of your couch.

From curtains and bedsheets to storage boxes and magazine stands, there’s definitely something you need from the online store.

For more information and a full list of products, head on over to

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