Guys, If The Weather Lately Is Too Hot To Handle, These Shorts Might Be Perfect For You

Can you spell O-M-G?

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Guys, If The Weather Lately Is Too Hot To Handle, These Shorts Might Be Perfect For You
Image: Instagram / Caswell
The ladies have been dominating the world of fashion for centuries now. From delicate bridal lace to outrageous meat dresses, the trends that emerge in the name of fashion are never ending.
And it’s about time the boys get to join the party.
Guys, are you ready for this?
The latest outlandish fashion style is here and they come in absolutely striking pastels.
Presenting lace shorts, for men.

You definitely need clean underwear with this.
Lace shorts aren’t exactly a new invention. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele started the trend on the runway showcasing the brand's Spring/Summer 2016 collection back in 2015.
It doesn't look THAT bad, does it?
It all started when American rapper Cazwell posted a photo on Instagram of himself with four other men dressed completely in lacey, matching outfits.
They call themselves the “Flower Rangers”. Flower Rangers, Flower Boys, Flower Power, call them whatever you want. But they're not exactly your idea of a boyband.
After posting the picture on Instagram, needless to say, the rapper received quite the attention.

How on earth did this design come about?

Cazwell had apparently commissioned Hoza Rodriguez, designer and owner of the Los Angeles based menswear brand Hologram City to create these pastel lace shorts with matching shirts for his next single, ‘Loose Wrists’.
“People love them and people hate them, but that doesn’t stop fashion,” Rodriguez told TIME.
The colourful see-through and possibly very breezy shorts are now on pre-sale at According to the website, they will set you back USD49 (RM209).
The jury is still out whether this is a yay or nay. You decide.

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