8 Ultra Talented Female Malaysian Artists Who’ll Give Picasso A Run For His Money

It’s time for some female art empowerment!

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8 Ultra Talented Female Malaysian Artists Who’ll Give Picasso A Run For His Money
Images: Mira Hector and Sophia Kamal
Malaysia has a vast pool of talented people in the art industry. Some untapped, some unknown to the outside world.

So today, it’s time to give them the limelight they truly deserve.

We’ll be featuring a list of all-female artists for one sole reason given by Beyoncé – who runs the world? Girls!

#1 Sophia Kamal

Titled "Wudu'"
The colours are so mesmerising!A Million Souls, 2016
Prepare to be treated to a visual feast when you scroll through her Instagram feed. Her distinctive style of painting using a myriad of colours gives us a breath of fresh air compared to conventional portraits. Her attention to detail is impeccable and the vivid hues of her masterpieces will immediately fill your heart with nothing but joy. We’re also digging her floral pieces which will definitely be the perfect addition to our dull walls.

Instagram: @sophiakamal

#2 Sheena Liam

3D embroided braids.
Maybe she was thinking of having noodles when she made this.
Look at that hair movement!
We know what you're thinking, “Isn’t Sheena the one who won Asia’s Next Top Model?” Yes, it is indeed her. Sheena proves that she’s more than just a pretty face, as she can create pretty faces too – literally.

The rising model has a talent that many might not want to explore or venture into – embroidery. Her works of art are simple, straight-forward, but altogether mesmerising. Our observation can conclude that Sheena might be into one theme – hair! But according to her interview with Teen Vogue, it was “never meant to be hair-focused” and it was “more to accentuate movement or to bring a certain sort of soul to the pieces.”

Instagram: @sheenaliam

#3 Tiny Type

Perfect for wedding gifts!
Even the royal family admires her work.
A family portrait that'll definitely stand out.
How does one take their talent to new heights and stand out from the rest? Meet Zurisha Zulkiflee Abbas, the brain and talent behind Tiny Type. Zurisha has found her niche on how to elevate her graphic design skills by adding an extra touch that’ll soon become one of the best things that has ever happened to portrait illustrations. And that extra touch is actually the details that make her artworks come to life.

She incorporates the use of 3D detailing by using sequins, beads, and embellishments. Her works of art have been highly sought after by not only art fans but also the Malaysian royal families. Just a heads up though; there's a waiting list if you want to buy her artwork! But trust us, it is worth the wait.

Instagram: @tinytype

#4 Mira Hector

Isn't she lovely?
That traditional headpiece and necklace though.
Putting on the details.
Mira Hector or Margaret Mary is a 24-year-old lass who’s proud of her Sabahan heritage. You’ll be psychedelically in awe of her artworks as she incorporates a lot of Borneo cultural themes in her pieces. The Landscape Architecture graduate enjoys experimenting on different mediums and has a penchant for using two subjects that intertwine together beautifully – women and flowers.

Instagram: @mirahector/ @tondu.bunga

#5 Monica Lee

Hyper-realistic orang utan.
"This can't be a drawing, right?"
Looks like an old-school photograph!
If you’re wondering if the images you’re looking at are still photos, well, the answer is no. They’re actually illustrations made by the super talented Monica Lee. Her monochrome illustrations tend to deceive the eye because of its hyper-realistic look, but it is absolutely stunning nonetheless. Seriously, she’s either an art prodigy or she has some super-secret microscopic bionic eye to be able to draw all of those surreal details!

Instagram: @zephyrxavier
Facebook: Monica Lee’s Art 

#6 Dhani Iliani

Self portrait, 2017.
Monochromatic beauty.
Some of Dhani's masterpieces.
This eccentric hijabi is actually a work of art on her own. Her quirky sense of style and personality is translated into her captivating artworks. The 20-year-old draws illustrations that centers around fashion and probably figments of her meticulous mind. She also does a pretty cool job customising shoe designs.

Instagram: @dhanillani@b.etina

#7 Sofia Haron

She's got her eyes looking at you!
Psychedelic, golden hues.
She must be really patient cutting those small bits of cloth.
We are really digging Sofia’s style of incorporating mixed media when it comes to her art. Using her hashtag #senisofia to promote her artworks, her masterpieces are truly worth discovering. Her portraits which feature some sort of cubic or ‘shattered glass’ style really stand out the most. We look forward to seeing more of her work in the future.

Instagram: @sofiaharon

#8 Bono Stellar

Eccentric, unique, quirky.
She designed this fun set for a music video.
Her amazing collection.
Nawwar Shukriah Ali, or better known as Bono Stellar, produces works of art that screams nothing but fun and excitement. You can expect nothing short of colour explosions filling every nook and cranny, carving a joyful smile on your face. Her distinctive style which is admired by many has led her to opening her own company named Stellar Design.

Instagram: @nawwarshukriahali/ @stellardesign

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