Riddles Malaysians Heard When They Were Kids

Can you solve these age old 'teka teki'?

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Riddles Malaysians Heard When They Were Kids
Is it us, or do a lot of these riddles involve snakes? (Image:

Before the goose and moose puns came along, many of our childhood were filled with riddles that made us go *facepalm*. Do you still remember some of them? We rediscovered a few—see if you can still answer them! 

Note: Some of these teka-teki are in Malay due to their pun-ny nature. 

1. What do you call snakes in a bowl?

2. What do you call a snake that died on a tree?

3. What starts with a ‘T’, ends with a ‘T’ and has ‘T’ in it? 

4. What do you call a turtle that’s climbing a wall?

5. What is the thing that we must tie, and only then can we walk? 

6. What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three legs in the evening? 

7. What’s the smartest bus?

8. Kuda apa tiada kaki? 

9. Negara apa yang ejaannya huruf berganda? 

10. Pokok apa ada jantung? 

11. Bila gajah jadi ayam, singa jadi ayam, dan kambing jadi ayam, maka ayam jadi apa?

12. What has three heads, six eyes, and eight legs? 

13. Why does Superman wear tight clothes? 

14. When we’re sleeping, it stands up; but lies down when we’re awake. 
15. The closer we are to it, the further it is. 

1. Noodles

2. A bird's nest 


3. Teapot 

4. A wok

5. Shoelaces 

6. Man (because when you were a child, you crawled on your hands and legs, then grow up to walk with two, and when you get old you'd use a walking stick to help yourself walk) 


7. School bus 

8. Kuda kepang


9. Uganda

10. Pokok pisang

11. Ayam jadi banyak 

12. A cowboy who's on a horse with a chicken

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13. Because he's a size S (Small)

14. Your feet 

15. Your ears (because it moves with your head when you turn to look at it, making it impossible to see when you're not using a mirror)

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