Fellow Malaysians, Are You Ready For The Nasi Lemak Burger?

Yes, it actually exists!

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Fellow Malaysians, Are You Ready For The Nasi Lemak Burger?

Someone has done it, guys! Someone has taken our beloved nasi lemak and turn it into a friggin' burger!

But the sad thing is; it's only available in Singapore.

For a limited time, McDonald's Singapore will be selling the Nasi Lemak burger over the counter, according to Channel News Asia.

The rather strange food Frankenstein was reportedly launched in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival 2017 and will be available from Thursday (12 July) onwards.

Just like nasi lemak, but in a burger.
According to the fast food chain, the Nasi Lemak Burger is made up of a coconut-flavoured chicken patty (!!!), a sunny side up egg, caramelised onions, cucumber slices and topped with a special sambal sauce. 

While it does sound pretty yummy, we'll just stick to our usual nasi lemak bungkus, thanks.

We had it first, Singapore!
As for dessert, McDonald's Singapore will be serving the Chendol McFlurry, which contains vanilla ice cream covered in cendol jelly bits and gula melaka.

Oh, and a coconut pie stuffed with nata de coco bits is on the special menu too.

OK lah Singapore, you win this time. If you happen to be in Singapore this weekend, remember to give the Nasi Lemak Burger a try, and let us know if it tastes better than Village Park Nasi Lemak, 'kay?

In the meantime, we'll settle for this lah - which, coincidentally, will also be making its comeback this Thursday:

KFC Double Down > Nasi Lemak Burger. Right, guys?

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