10 Times You Were Betrayed by Food

What do you mean you intentionally substituted chocolate chips with raisins?!

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10 Times You Were Betrayed by Food
The pain is real. (Original image: &
Growing up Malaysian, we had access to a plethora of amazing food thanks to our diverse culture. You could have nasi lemak in the morning, banana leaf rice for lunch, and dim sum for dinner basically anywhere, any time. Occasionally, we do enjoy some western or eastern food but regardless of the type of food we have, we Malaysians generally just love eating so much. Our love has no boundaries. Well, that is, until you get betrayed by them. How, you may ask? 

Taugeh (bean sprouts) in char kuay teow

Have you ever muttered to yourself, “Haiya uncle, I told you already I don’t want taugeh.” Do you know how painstakingly hard it is to put it aside, one taugeh after another?!

Ginger as chicken

The taste of betrayal is as real as it gets when you find out the piece of chicken you just ate turns out to be ginger.

Spices in biryani

Accidentally biting into a clove or even worse, a star anise means that your whole world (or meal) is practically over.

Raisins in cookies

What sane person would ever want to replace chocolate chips with raisins?! Even Cookie Monster would disapprove.


Remember when you went to your relatives’ house and they asked if you would like some cake? And there you were, gullible and naïve, thinking it was chocolate cake with icing (‘:

Karipap inti angin

Image: Twitter
This is definitely the mother of all deceivers. The curry puff is practically as empty as the seller’s promises.

Frozen fish in ice cream containers

Image: Filipino Times
How many moms are guilty of committing this act? Kesian-lah us, getting all excited for dessert time but it turns out to be dinner time.

Sewing supplies in biscuit tins

Image: Buzzfeed
False advertising level: grandmother.

Nuts in ketupat palas

You know, you won’t go nuts if you leave ‘em out for once.

Red bean in ABC or Cendol

Image: Johorkaki
Because… nope. Just nope.

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