This Malaysian Café Lets You Enjoy Your Meal - In A River!

This is your next go-to destination the next time you’re in town!

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  • Thursday, 20 July 2017
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This Malaysian Café Lets You Enjoy Your Meal - In A River!
Image: Rojak Daily/Nur Afiqah
Looking for a spot to chill with your family and friends, enjoy good food and get close to nature all at one place?

If that is the case, then, Castella Café is where you should head to!

Unlike your usual hipster cafés, this place is special - you have your meal right smack in the middle of a river!

A warm welcome to y’all!
Also, unlike your usual hipster cafés which are located at your usual hipster hotspots such as SS15 or Damansara Uptown, you should note that the café is situated quite far off the Klang Valley area – it is in Gerik, Perak, to be exact.

The drive over to Castella Café takes approximately four hours from Kuala Lumpur.

However, if you’re up for an adventure, this is an opportunity not to be missed! It would be a splendid experience, especially for you foodies and outdoor enthusiasts! 

Girls, don’t make the very same mistake we did. Keep your wedges at home!What’s so special about Castella Café?

With the rise of funky and unique concept cafes, Castella Café offers the chance for you to have your meal in the river! Castella Café isn't exactly new; they have been operating since 2014 actually. 

There are tables (some made of plywood, others made of bamboo) set up in the river of Sungai Air Beruk (yes, that’s the name!). 
Even the name of the river is unique.
It would probably make your friends who couldn’t make it jealous!
Step right into the crystal clear river water with your bare feet. At times, you may just feel the small fishes bumping your feet as they swim through.

You may eventually trick yourself into thinking that the dried leaves that float its way to your feet are tiny little fishes. 
Get your bare feet in!
While waiting for your food to arrive, you could always jump in and get yourself soaked through if you like! They have the floats and also a makeshift rakit at your convenience as well! 
Time for some fun in the sun!
Just floating around!
Chilling like a boss.
If you don’t appreciate getting wet, they also have huts that would allow you to enjoy your meal and the scenery but still stay dry while you’re at it! 

Even the kitty wants to join in!

So, what type of food do they serve at Castella Café? 

Okay, we've come to the most crucial part of the article: are the food any good?

Generally, the food available there is the traditional Malay-Pattani noblemen dishes. How fancy is that?!
The menu!
For the lunch meals, they have different sets for you to choose from. Basically, they are all rice-based meals. It is the accompanying dishes that differ.

What you should be expecting are different types of freshwater fish, chicken, ulam and, sambal. Oh, it comes with fruit juice too. Yummy! 

Not only that, venison may just be available too! But if you really want it, you can call them up and request it a few days before you drop by to make sure that you would not be left disappointed. 

Delicious meal, gorgeous scenery – pure bliss indeed.In the evening, boiled cassava and coffee are on the menu too!  

The scenery of the place is not the only thing that’s insta-worthy at this café. The presentation of the food is just as delightful!

Is the river clean though?

It doesn't get any cleaner than this.
Yes, it is! You can see how clear the water is!

Here’s a fun fact the owner of the café, Mohd Isa Bin Mohd Ramli a.k.a Tok Janggut, told us while we were having lunch: the water from the river is sourced from the Royal Belum Forest and from the border of Thailand. 

Tok Janggut told us that the management has actually assigned their staff to clean up after the place on a daily basis, so kudos to them for that! 

Mohd Isa Bin Mohd Ramli a.k.a Tok Janggut, the man who came up with the brilliant concept for Castella Café.
By the way, in case you visit the place and you're reluctant to leave, they also have an overnight stay package! As part of the package, you will be treated to a whole day course of traditional meals! 

Fret not, Castella Café also provides the necessary facilities such as the surau and toilets. So, you need not go out of the area to look for them! Everything is there! 

If you’re planning to head over to the café, it would be best to give them a call and make reservations beforehand to avoid being let down. 

Castella Café
No. 35, Kampung Kerunai,
33320 Gerik,
Perak. (psst, you can use Waze to help you out!)
Tok Janggut: 011-20503454
Ida: 013-5181667
Fikah: 019-2996703
Facebook: castellacafe

P.S.: Don’t forget to bring your spare shirt and bath towel! 


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