Forget McDonald's; We Teach You How To Make The Nasi Lemak Burger At Home

It's as easy as ABC.

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Forget McDonald's; We Teach You How To Make The Nasi Lemak Burger At Home
Last week, the whole Internet went crazy over the introduction of the Nasi Lemak Burger by fast food chain McDonald's in Singapore.

The demand for the burger was so overwhelming, the burgers reportedly sold out at all McDonald's outlets in Singapore - in less than two weeks!

And make no mistake; people were raving about the burger. We also sent one of our writers to try it out for himself, and he absolutely loved it!

Of course, no matter how tasty it is, there's no way we're flying over to Singapore just for a burger.

So, that got us thinking; can we actually make our very own version of the Nasi Lemak Burger at home?

Let's get down to business!

For that, we enlisted the help of Haseena Mohamed Ali, a chef who has quite a big following on Facebook.

The ‘Facebook chef’ has inspired many working women to cook at home by breaking down cooking methods into easy, understandable steps.

Haseena wants to help women who are afraid to cook and beginners who are learning to cook.
"I love to cook and it is my passion. I want to help those who is afraid of cooking to ditch their fear and start cooking. I want to help beginners to learn cooking," she told Rojak Daily

Haseena loved cooking as a teen and often bugged her parents in the kitchen while they prepared meals for their family.

"I learned cooking from my mum and dad. I also collected cooking books and tried out the recipes in them from time to time," she said.

Having a tonne of authentic family recipes passed down through her paternal grandparents from India and maternal grandparents from Malaysia, Haseena decided to share some the recipe for her dishes on a random Facebook group called 'Masak Apa Hari Ini'.

"My recipes received over 70,000 shares and I was quite surprised. That's when I decided to start my own page, Sheena's Cooking Passion in April last year," she said. 

To date, the page has garnered almost 145,000 likes, mostly from working women and housewives.

So, when we asked Haseena if she could show us how to make the Nasi Lemak Burger, she was more than happy to help.

Here is Haseena's simple version of the Nasi Lemak Burger which is a current craze in Singapore, that you can easily make at home:

Ingredients (For 4 burgers):
1.    4 pieces of ready made burger buns 
2.    1 tablespoon of butter
3.    Enough cucumber slices
4.    4 eggs
5.    4 pieces of chicken thighs (deboned)
6.    Half a cup of thick coconut milk
7.    Egg white from one egg
8.    Corn flour
9.    Salt

For the Sambal Nasi Lemak:
1.    1 large chopped onion
2.    Enough oil to fry
3.    4 tablespoons of chili paste
4.    1 handful of anchovies
5.    3 tablespoons of tamarind water
6.    3 cm of belacan
7.    Salt and sugar to taste     

Method to make the Nasi Lemak Burger:   

a) Making the sambal nasi lemak:

1.   First, you sautee the chopped onions in oil until they are soft

2.   Then, you add in the belacan paste.

3.    Add in the chili paste, stir well and let it cook.

4.    Once the chili paste is cooked, it's time to add in the anchovies.

5.   Next, add in the tamarind water.

6.    Season with salt and a little bit of sugar.

7.    Stir through well and take it off the heat.

8.    The sambal sauce is ready. Keep it aside.

b) Preparing the burger buns and the eggs:

10.    Slice the burger buns into half, spread butter on the sliced buns and then toast them on the fying pan for two to three minutes:

11. Now that your burger buns are done, break the eggs into egg rings and fry them up.

12.  After three to five minutes, the eggs are done. Keep them aside together with the burger buns.

c) Preparing the chicken patties:

13. Now, comes the fun part. Wash the deboned chicken thighs. You can also use other parts of chicken but using chicken thighs result in juicier patties.

14. Marinate the chicken thighs in the coconut milk, egg white and a little bit of salt for at least half an hour.

15. Next, dip the chicken into corn flour and proceed to deep fry them for around 12 to 15 minutes.

16. Once the chicken is fried, drain excess oil and keep the patties aside.

17. That's it, ladies and gents! All your components are done. Now, time to assemble the burger.

d) Assembling the burger:

18. First, take one half of the toasted buns and spread a generous amount of the sambal sauce.

19. Then, put a fried chicken patty on top of the sambal-spread bun, and a fried egg on top of the patty before topping it all off with cucumber slices.

22. Then, spread the sambal sauce on the other half of the bun.

23. Press it onto the burger structure.

24. Your Nasi Lemak Burger is complete. Now, you can enjoy the burger for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime you like!

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