Forget The Nasi Lemak Burger; Here Are 8 Unique Burgers That Should Be Sold In Malaysia

One of them even has an actual rice bun, guys.

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Forget The Nasi Lemak Burger; Here Are 8 Unique Burgers That Should Be Sold In Malaysia
Images: McDonald's Italy & KFC Philippines
Ever since McDonald’s Singapore dropped the Nasi Lemak Burger, chaos erupted on both sides of the Causeway. Singaporeans were eager to get their hands on them while we Malaysians either sulked for not having it or condemned it for not being a ‘real’ nasi lemak burger.

Well guess what guys, there are plenty of other amazing burgers around the world that’s worthy of our taste buds and attention too. And maybe we should all start a petition to bring these appetising marvels to Malaysia!

So here are our top eight unique burgers from around the world that we Malaysians deserve to get.

#1 McRice Burger (Philippines, Singapore, Thailand)

The rice bun looks like pulut, no?
What’s an Asian meal without rice, eh? So some fellas over at McDonald’s decided to incorporate some Asian flavour into their burgers, thus creating the McRice Burger. The burger comes in two variations: chicken or beef complimented with either a special garlic mayo sauce or sweet and tangy Asian barbeque sauce. McD Singapore, y’all should’ve used this bun for the nasi lemak burger!

#2 Nutella Burger (Italy)

Doesn't this make you drool?
Every Nutella fan: “What is this burger and where has it been all my life?!” You might think it’s very unlikely for a fast-food chain to come up with this sinful delight, but we guess they just wanted to make your sweetest dreams come true.

#3 Wendy’s Lobster and Caviar Burger (Japan)

I'll have that with a side of Diet Coke, please.
If you’ve ever wished you could live the fancy life even for one day, well now you can – without having to burn a hole in your pocket. The luxurious looking burger includes lobster claw meat and lobster salad smothered in mustardy mayonnaise, and of course, caviar.

#4 KFC Double Down Dog (Philippines)

Please bring this to Malaysia.
If you think the KFC Double Down burger was epic, wait till you see this: a Double DOwn hot dog. Yes, a nice piece of sausage sandwiched between a Zinger chicken patty with some cheese or “Colonel’s sauce”. It sure does look finger lickin' good.

#5 Burger King Kuro Pearl Burger (Japan)

Black cheese, anyone?
Guys, we’ve finally found the burger that matches the colour of your soul. We know, we’ve all seen quite an enough amount of charcoal or black bun burgers, but have you seen, let alone tasted, one that also includes a black sauce and black cheese? We know what you're thinking, the cheese is not rotten. The black buns and cheese are dyed with bamboo charcoal. Will you give it a try?

#6 KFC Chizza (Philippines, Singapore, Thailand)

Great idea, sans the pineapple obviously.
Not actually a burger, but it’s worth mentioning because it involves pizza…sort of. It looks like KFC is really into this innovating game as they’ve come up with a pizza with its base made entirely out of chicken meat instead of dough. The chicken is drizzled with tomato sauce and topped with chicken ham, cheese sauce, and mozzarella; which sounds quite okay at first - until you realise that they also put pineapple in it. Despicable!

#7 Burger King Pizza Burger (New York)

We're all gathered today for a holy matrimony of pizza and burger.
Not sure what’s up with the hybrid of fast foods going on lately, but this burger looks like something we’d definitely say “shut up and take my money!” The humongous burger is gracefully sliced into small slices resembling a pizza. It is made up of a large beef patty, pepperoni, Tuscan pesto and marinara sauce, and mozzarella; all sandwiched between a sesame seed bun.

#8 Domino’s Burger Pizza (India)

Domino's, if you love us as much as we love you, please bring 'em here.
Guess Domino’s had enough of everyone trying to incorporate pizza in their food that they decided to turn the tables and come up with a burger pizza (literally). Before you think the burger is the size of pizza, well, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. It’s the size of a normal burger and it has everything that a pizza should have as its filling. Please bring this concept to Malaysia, we’d gladly volunteer as tribute!

Got any interesting and unique burgers from around the world you think should be available in Malaysia? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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