There's Now A Football Jersey Made Out Of Ikea Shopping Bags

When will this madness end?

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There's Now A Football Jersey Made Out Of Ikea Shopping Bags

Remember a couple of months back where people were going crazy with the RM2 Ikea Frakta shopping bag? Well, it's safe to say the trend hasn't died.

Fokohaela, a new football brand based in Germany, has recently unveiled their latest creation - a football jersey inspired by the Ikea Frakta shopping bag!

The jersey, based on the colours of Argentine football club Boca Juniors, features the brand's iconic blue pattern print on the front and back of the jersey and the Ikea-branded handles on its collar.

Looks like a plastic bag, but not really.
The famous Ikea-branded bag handle is present.
But the most important question is: is it made out of the regular material of the Frakta bag? Because it would be uncomfortable AF if it did, right?

Well, the good news is; the jersey is is made of polyester - the material that most jerseys are made up of.

The blue Ikea bag pattern was created using a sublimation print. You'll also find a 'Marädona 10' print on the back of the jersey, a nod to the footballing legend who helped popularise Boca Juniors.

So yeah, you won't get that feeling of wearing a shopping bag while playing football.

We want one, please!
Repping Argentinian football legend Maradona.
The jersey is now on sale for €95 (RM477), and you can get it on Fokohaela's official website. All proceeds will reportedly go to Ikea and the United Nations' Better Shelter program, which builds shelters for refugees.

If you ask us, this would make a pretty good gift. Guys, you know what to ask your girlfriends and wives for Christmas now lah.

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