8 Reasons Why The OMEN By HP Might Be The Perfect Gaming Laptop


All the things you love about desktop gaming, but in a portable package. We take a dive into some of these aspects in detail.

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8 Reasons Why The OMEN By HP Might Be The Perfect Gaming Laptop
We’ve said before that nothing beats gaming on a PC. Computers are easier to upgrade, offer superior controls and the best part is, they can double as powerful productivity tools. The problem is that people need their devices to be mobile.

Stationary gaming desktop PCs are great, but what if we found you something that offered that kind of user experience in a portable package? 

Well, we think we have. It’s the OMEN by HP Gaming Laptop. There are plenty of laptops that are capable of gaming, but the way HP has packaged this particular machine definitely has its advantages. Let’s run you through them now.

1)    Tonnes of available options 

Before touching on any other aspect, the first thing to note is that this laptop can be customised to suit your budget and needs. Want an affordable all-in-one solution? The base model still comes with a quad-core i7 Processor and an Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. Got some extra cash to spend? Opt for a better screen, more RAM or a larger battery. 

2)    It’s an absolute audio-visual treat

If you’re familiar with PC building, you’ll know just how expensive the peripherals can get. A decent set of speakers and a good monitor can end up costing as much as the computer itself. On the OMEN by HP, you get HP Audio Boost, Bang & Olufsen speakers as well as a DTS Headphone:X jack. What’s more, you can have the Omen by HP laptop in two sizes: 15.6” or 17.3”. 

It doesn’t stop there. The 1080p IPS display has a super high refresh rate of 120Hz, but if you want some extra pop to your visuals, there’s a FHD display available for a small fee. Rest assured, the laptop can handle that kind of video output.  

3)    It has proper heat dispersion

For one, the components that get warm – the CPU and GPU – are placed on the top right corner. This means that you don’t feel much heat emanating near the W,S,A,D keys. When gaming, a warm keyboard can lead to sweaty fingers and an overall unpleasant experience.

As these are pretty powerful chips, the OMEN by HP has two large fans to cool them off. The smaller 15” model has three heat pipes while the 17” has four to ensure maximum heat transfer and dissipation. 

4)    It has the right hardware for the job

The OMEN by HP is one powerful laptop. Even its base configuration, it comes with the latest Intel Core i7 processor. This is a true quad core i7, unlike some other laptop-grade i7 chips. Not only that, but you can upgrade the graphics card up to a GTX 1070 with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 RAM for video and up to 16GB of DDR4 RAM for the entire system. Way more than what’s necessary to play all the latest game at high settings. 

What’s more, you even get an SD card reader. This will allow you to use one laptop for work and play. 

5)    A quality approach to construction

You also get a really tough hinge mechanism which feels like it’ll last the lifetime of the product. Another smart decision by HP is the use of materials. The palm rests below the keyboard are finished in high grade plastic which will age well without discolouration. Meanwhile, there’s a soft touch exterior that gives it a premium look and feel.

6)    Storage options are aplenty

There’s no compromise when it comes to storage configurations on the OMEN by HP. That’s because it has room for both an M.2 and traditional SATA drive. M.2 SSDs are 17 times faster than your regular laptop hard drives, but they are also extremely expensive. This laptop will let you have a smaller SSD for Windows and a couple of games, as well as a 1 Terabyte hard disk for your videos, music and pictures. 

7)    It has the looks

If you’re going to invest in a premium gaming laptop, you’ll want people to know just how powerful it is. Well, the OMEN by HP has some powerful looks. The red-on-black theme is really quite aggressive looking and they’ve gone the extra mile to make sure even the USB ports are colour-matched.

15” and 17” aren’t exactly ultra-portable, but HP has done well to cut down unnecessary bulk. The power adapter, for instance, is rather slim for the kind of workload it can take.  

8)    It is still user-upgradeable

In 2017, we saw a lot of smartphones with sealed batteries. We also saw more laptops with sealed in components. Thankfully, this is not the case with the OMEN by HP. Even if you get the base model when it arrives, you can easily upgrade the RAM, add an SSD or get a bigger hard drive when you have the money. Of course, you ought to only do this after the warranty period is over.  

This is one of the new OMEN by HP’s strongest selling points. The FHD display, processor and graphics card are going to be relevant for years, so it’s great that you can push other aspects of the hardware as time goes by. 

For more information on the OMEN by HP, head on over to their official website.

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