RD'S Kiamsap Series: 12 Legit Apps And Websites That Will Help You Fill Up Your Bank Account

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RD'S Kiamsap Series: 12 Legit Apps And Websites That Will Help You Fill Up Your Bank Account
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“How to earn more money?” We’re sure you’ve been asking Google that question.

Besides “What to eat ah?” and “Are you on the way?”, we’re absolutely certain “How to earn more money” is one of the most frequently asked questions Malaysians want answers to.

With the rising costs of living and wages not getting any higher, we’re all in some tight spots. How many extra jobs can you get without ending up in a hospital due to exhaustion and overwork?

So, we’ve been looking for answers too. Whether you want to earn a little more pocket money or bring in a few hundred more per month, we’ve rounded up 12 websites and apps that will help you fill up your bank account. 


This site pays you for your opinions. Who would be willing to pay you for your opinions, you ask? Companies that want to know how to market their stuff better. All you have to do is fill out surveys. Payment ranges from US$0.50-US$3 (RM2-RM13) per survey. The questionnaires are usually quite short, ranging from 10-30 minutes, so you don’t have to spend hours at your desktop filling out a survey that just never seems to end. 


Running errands pay. 
Making coffee rounds, getting chicken rice from SS2, picking up laundry. Everyone has to run errands but not everyone’s got the time to do them. What if you could run errands for these busy peeps and get paid for it? From delivering confinement food to buying furniture, the errands are really diverse. Posters set the jobs and fees based on the distance travelled, time and effort required. Dedicated GoGetters are able to earn up to RM3,000 per month. 

3. Wunder Carpool

You can make new friends every day.We know what you’re thinking: how is this app different from Uber or Grab? Well, this one works best if you have a regular fixed route. Say, you’re going from Puchong to SS15 every day for work. Well, you can make your route public and Wunder Carpool will match you with some riders who are also going to the same destination. And their payment would usually cover your petrol costs. Why drive to work alone when you can meet new friends every day, right?

4.  Droupr

Plan a long trip, hire a driver.If you need to balik kampung for the next long weekend or if you’re simply just dying to go up to George Town for some yummy assam laksa, this intercity carpooling app will pair you with some peeps who are heading the same way. Fares are split between the riders. For example, a KL-Georgetown trip split between three to four riders would cost each passenger only RM30-RM45. And if you want smoke-free trips, you can specify it in your preferences and Droupr will pair you with passengers who fit the criteria. Or if you only feel comfortable accepting other women as passengers, you can say so too!

5. Moola

And while you’re busy driving, why not double the income by turning your car into a mobile advertisement? Stick an advertisement on your car for three to six months, depending on the brand’s campaign duration. How much can you earn, you ask? Here’s Moola’s answer: “If you drive about 35km per day (during the daytime), you can earn anywhere up to RM800 per month, depending on the campaign". That's actually pretty reasonable.

6. AirShoppr

It helps if you’re a shopaholic.
If you’re constantly jet-setting, you’re probably familiar with requests to buy this and that for your friends and family members. This app works similarly. Shoppers post requests in the app -- chocolate from Switzerland, masks from South Korea, tea from Taiwan. In addition to getting reimbursed in full, you’ll also get a commission set by the shoppers. A generous shopper could post a commission fee as high as 50% of the item’s retail price. Heck, it’s even possible to pay off your trip with the earnings if you fulfil multiple shoppers’ requests at the same time. 


This is your chance to show seafood lovers around Pulau Ketam.Do you know the darkest caves in Miri? Are you an expert on all things architectural in Ipoh? Instead of hiring tour guides from travel agencies, travellers can hire local experts to show them around town. If you’re aching to show off all the hottest gaming spots downtown, why not make a trip out of it and get paid while you’re at it? There are no earning limits. Fees are set by the guides. One guide even charges US$550+ for a three-day tour of KL. That’s about RM2,300 just for showing people around. 

8. PlateCulture

Nom, nom, nom. There’s never too much food to be had.Do you need guinea pigs for your new red velvet cake recipe? Got a mean chicken tikka masala waiting to be tasted? Want to connect with other vegetarians who love Korean food? This is going to be your favourite website then. PlateCulture hooks up foodies and chefs. Foodies get to eat home-cooked dinners in the chefs’ homes and meet other foodies too. You can also host cooking workshops. As for the money, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how much you can earn. Each guest pays the fee the chef sets. From RM26 for a simple menu of fried rice and chrysanthemum tea to RM386 for Szechuan and Zhejiang-inspired cuisine. It’s the Airbnb for food.

9. Fiverr

Yup, this pop art portrait is just one of the examples of services creatives are offering on the website.
Open to freelancers and 9-to-5 office workers, Fiverr is a digital marketplace for services. Writing press releases, e-books, translating documents, crunching data, designing tattoos, logos, websites; what you wanted done, you'll probably be able to find someone to do it on Fiverr. The minimum fee is US$5 (RM21) but we’ve seen people charge up to US$250 (RM1,071) to design a website. So put up your profile, set your price, and see what happens!


You can now become a private tutor.This platform connects teachers and students. From badminton to French to piano to math to Sejarah to university level engineering classes, you name it, there’s always someone who needs help. Students post ads for their tutoring needs, and potential tutors like you respond to their ads. If you can’t teach classes in person right now, good news; you can also teach online courses! Private tutoring fees usually start at RM20 per hour for primary school subjects. Then again, you could earn RM100 per hour for swimming lessons. It all depends on the subject, the age of the student, and other factors. 

11. Carousell

You’ll find so many old treasures on Carousell like these old TVB dramas.
A fine place to offload your pre-loved goods. Clothes from high street brands such as Mango, Zara, Topshop are really popular here but Carousell doesn’t just stop at clothes. Luxury watches, board games, dramas you thought you’d never find again, concert tickets, washi tapes, cars and yes, even houses. They’re all here. Just take three to four good pictures of the things you want to get rid of, post ‘em and sell ‘em. 

12. GBW

If you like playing spy games and acting, you’ll love this website.
Mystery shoppers are hired to inspect the quality of products or services of companies. What you need: an eye for details, lots of free time, and an ability to keep the act up. Sometimes, you might need to ask lots of questions and test the knowledge of the sales staff. You might also need to act like a super suspicious person and go around touching every product while making mental notes. You might even need to make a purchase or two, which you’ll be reimbursed for. And then you’ll have to make a long report about everything you observed. Payment is not specified by GBW, formerly known as Gapbuster Worldwide, but this forum post says that assignment fees range from RM22 to RM300.

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