This Malaysian Couple’s Unconventional Wedding At A Waterfall Is Truly Our #RelationshipGoals

BRB, finding a husband to help materialise this dream wedding.

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This Malaysian Couple’s Unconventional Wedding At A Waterfall Is Truly Our #RelationshipGoals
Image: Peter Herman Photography
We’ve seen all sorts of Malaysian weddings: from the ones rich in culture and tradition to over-the-top-wedding-of-the-year ones.

Sure, there’s the current trend of getting married in glasshouses or if you’d like a change of scenery and weather there’s always Cameron Highlands, but nothing so far could ever top this ethereal wedding which took place in the most unlikely setting – a waterfall.

Yes, a serene, beautiful waterfall with gushing calm waters amidst lush rainforest trees surrounding one nature-loving couple.

The couple, Hannah and Joshua chose Kanching Rainforest Waterfall in Rawang to be part of the most memorable day of their lives by tying the knot there.

It looks like a literal fairy wedding.
Even the bridesmaids dresses are on-point.
Moments of their beautiful day were immortalised in photographs taken by Peter Herman, who specialises in wedding photography. (No wonder all the pictures so gempak)

The couple kept it simple with their wedding attire, because as they say, "less is more."

And what we loved most about the ceremony was that bride walked to the waterfall barefooted and didn’t seem to care that her dress was half submerged in the water.

The real-life fairy tale couple.
The happy tree-hugging couple.
Every bride's nightmare is this bride's dream.
That waterfall backdrop is definitely to die for! #WeddingGoals
After exchanging their vows, the newlyweds made their way to the stunning Templer Park Rainforest Retreat which was located nearby the waterfall for their reception. It was an intimate affair, reportedly only attended by 100 guests.

Among the guest members present on that day.
Hannah told The Wedding Notebook in an interview that “all the small breathtaking moments just combined to create an amazing day.”

“From getting ready to my father driving me to the waterfall, and my beautiful forest nymphs (bridesmaids) hiking up to the fourth waterfall together with me, everything was truly symbolic. Life is an uphill climb and it only gets better from here!”

Hannah and her dad.
All smiles for the bride, and all (happy) tears for the bridesmaids.
So, think you can top this couple’s wedding location? We might have an idea where but of course, we’re going to keep it a secret.

But first, we need to find a future husband!

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