Believe It Or Not, Dato' Seri Vida Is In Talks With Louis Vuitton For A Handbag Collaboration

DSV is truly on a mission to conquer the world one bag/song/cosmetic product at a time.

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Believe It Or Not, Dato' Seri Vida Is In Talks With Louis Vuitton For A Handbag Collaboration
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Ask any Malaysian, and they'll most probably tell you they know who Dato' Seri Vida is.

She’s not only well known for hard-selling her cosmetic products in every media known to Malaysia, but also because of her eccentric personality and over-the-top persona. Mind you, this lady even has her own signature pose (and crown), so she’s pretty much marketed herself into a brand.

After managing to conquer almost every prime-time slot on TV and also countless of TV appearances, she has decided to come up with her own single titled “I Am Me.” Yes, a super-catchy, stuck-in-your-head song that she sang on her own.

In case you don’t know what song we’re talking about, this is it. But be warned though; it could be highly contagious!

Well, just when you think she’s probably done enough, think again.

It was reported that Dato' Vida will be dropping her own handbag line and will collaborate with one of the most luxurious brands in the world – Louis Vuitton.

Yes, you read that right.

Datuk Vida told the New Straits Times that she not only wants design a “limited edition handbag but will also have it named after me. Perhaps it can be called DSV LV.”

Living La Vida Loca!
The beauty tycoon has built a good relationship with the French luxury label over the years for being one of their loyal customers. She told the daily that she has approached representatives from the label and informed them about her plans.

“I’m confident that this collaboration will be realised in the near future,” she told the English daily.

It might sound like somewhat impossible, but knowing how ambitious Datuk Vida can be, who knows, her dreams might actually materialise one day.

And if that happens, she’ll also be the first Malaysian to ever collaborate with Louis Vuitton.

She plans to sell her limited-edition collection in the Southeast Asia market soon. Those who have some design ideas can also share it with her as she is in the midst of preparing her presentation for LV.

“I am seeking those who have suggestions or design ideas on what my collection should include, so that I can present them to Paris.”

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