Move Aside Nasi Lemak Burger; Meet The Lobster Nasi Lemak!

Nasi lemak level up!

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Move Aside Nasi Lemak Burger; Meet The Lobster Nasi Lemak!
Image: Facebook/Lawa Bintang

First, there was McDonald Singapore's Nasi Lemak burger (which we taste-tested). Then, local burger joint myBurgerLab came up with their own version of the Nasi Lemak burger.

Now, a nasi lemak stall has just blown the competition out of the water.

And this one has real nasi.

Lawa Bintang -- a food stall located in Tampines, Singapore -- has just introduced the grandest nasi lemak of all-time: the Lobster Nasi Lemak.

An entire lobster!Just like its name implies, the nasi lemak comes with a whole lobster coated with grounded herbs and get this: three different types of cheese.

The rest of the plate consists of the usual nasi lemak ingredients: a fried egg, cucumber, peanuts, ikan bilis and of course, lots and lots of yummy sambal!

The best thing it; it's Halal!

Thanks, we're hungry now!
So, how much would a plate of Lobster Nasi Lemak cost you? 

Actually, it's actually pretty reasonably-priced at SGD22 (RM69.20) per plate. Remember: you get a whole friggin' lobster for that price!

Unfortunately, the Lobster Nasi Lemak is currently only available at Lawa Bintang's three outlets in Singapore.

So, if you want to impress your date, you can bring her there for some super awesome Lobster Nasi Lemak.

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