Bookmark This: Essential Websites For Every Malaysian Household

Having a household emergency? Need something fixed? You’ll be well prepared with these sites.

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Bookmark This: Essential Websites For Every Malaysian Household
You know what’s the problem with most of us? We have the tendency to wait till something goes wrong and only then panic and act on it.

“What? The air conditioner sounds like it’s possessed? Still got air coming out mah, no need worry lah!” Then a few weeks later, it completely stops working and that’s when you scramble to find Ah Seng’s name card or make some calls to friends and family members asking if anyone knows of any good “AC service guys”.

Why wait? You know how some people print out a list of important phone numbers? Well, here are some websites we feel every Malaysian should bookmark, print or have memorised so the next time something goes wrong, you’re just a click away from a peace of mind.

Note: while there are other similar sites out there, the ones selected and listed below have been narrowed down because a.) most of them operate either 24/7 and/or on weekends and b.) they actually responded to us/answered our calls and queries. Feel free to add on to the list in the comment section.


It's a bird, it's a plane... it's Super Plumber!

Leaky pipes (hurr)? Low water pressure? A faulty shower head? A burst pipe and some ungodly hour thanks to that drunk friend? Then head on to:

COST: The price varies depending on what you need fixed but there is a rough estimate provided. For example, fixing a clogged sink would cost RM250 while fixing a water leak can cost anywhere between RM65-RM200. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Yes, they’re open every day but for weekends, it depends on the availability of their plumber. 


Pet Funeral | Rojak Daily

Losing a pet is always difficult. When the inevitable time does eventually come, you may not know how to proceed. Where do you bury it? Can you keep its ashes? Who can you call to come pick up the body? Well, head on to:

COST: Cost varies depending on the weight of your pet (Below 10KG = RM450, 10-20KG = RM550 etc) and you also have the option of choosing a basic or premium package. The basic package will include collection of the body and cremation. If you call after 6PM or on weekends, an additional fee of RM150 will be charged. Some of the options available are: pet funeral, burial, cremation, columbarium, casket and a memorial garden.


Electrician | Rojak Daily

If you need your air conditioner serviced or anything electrical installed, here’s where you should go:

COST: Once again, this depends on what you need fixed or installed, but a deposit of RM80 will be charged whenever you request for an electrician to come over. Upon inspection, if something needs to be worked on, it will be deducted from the deposit accordingly otherwise you’ll get the full sum returned to you. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Yeah. But if you live in either an apartment or condo, well… you know the rules.


Sofa | Rojak Daily

Not to be confused with carpet munching services. If you’ve got a stained carpet (stop chuckling), or a couch that smells thanks to years of fart absorption, or even a mattress that is in dire need of cleaning for whatever reason, you’ll need:

COST: Carpet cleaning would cost you RM150. A one-seater sofa set would cost you RM50 and a king-sized mattress costs RM140. The whole cleaning process takes about 1-2 hours and they’ll even provide a demonstration of the cleaning product they use and will only proceed with the cleaning process only if you’re confident and comfortable with it. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Only on Saturdays.


Car Battery | Rojak Daily

So you’ve dragged yourself out of bed to reluctantly head to the office but what’s this? Your car ain’t starting? Surely this is a blessing! Also, it’s a sign you probably need to change your car battery. This site also allows you to search for your battery type and find a dealer close to you. Try heading to:

COST: This depends on the type of battery your car needs (for a MYVI, it would cost you RM190). There will be an extra charge of RM20 after 12 midnight and before 7am. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Yes, all day errday.


Doctors | Rojak Daily

Yes, you can even get a doctor to come over. This service is a little pricey though, so this is more suited for perhaps your parents or grandparents who may have a hard time travelling to and fro the clinic. They even have nursing services and can even arrange for transportation to and from the clinic/hospital. So, like an Uber service but for sick people. Visit:

COST: A house call doctor costs between RM350 – RM500. Appointments are subject to availability.
OPERATING HOURS: 7AM – 5PM. For anything outside that time frame, it depends on the availability of their doctors. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Yes, they’re open 7 days a week.


Groceries | Rojak Daily
Geez, how lazy can you guys get? We personally prefer actually going to a grocery store and exploring it aisle to aisle. But for those of you who just couldn’t be arsed, try:

COST: For orders below RM200, there’s a delivery fee of RM5, for anything above RM200, it’s free.
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Yep, and even on public holidays.


Hey there, Handyman.

Now here’s one we found exceptionally useful. Do you have a broken tile? Or maybe a broken door knob? Need to drill a few photo frames on your wall so you can hang your favourite Game of Thrones poster? Get in touch with these guys for small things you need fixed:

COST: Depends on what you need fixed, but we made some inquiries to give you an idea. To drill a few holes to hang your posters/photo frames and whatnot, it is RM10 per hole drilled. There is a fixed charge of RM150 for their services. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? They operate from Monday till Saturday. 


Cleaners | Rojak DailyFor those of you who don’t already have a regular kakak to come over once a week or so, give this website a go. The service includes the usual stuff: changing of bed sheets, cleaning toilets, the floor, vacuuming and mopping, dusting, disposing of rubbish etc. Visit:

COST: RM80 for a 4-hour cleaning session with one cleaner. If it’s your first time, there’s an offer for just RM50.80. Consider it a discounted trial. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Yup (but not on public holidays).


Movers | Rojak Daily

Are you finally moving out? Well, about time! Nothing quite compares to getting your own place, but packing all of your belongings and transporting them back and forth can be rather time consuming and expensive. So why not let some other people do it for you instead? Here, try the guys from:

COST: Depending on the items, size and quantity. It will cost you extra if you want them to do the packing as well. 
OPEN ON WEEKENDS? Why yes, yes they are.

Now if you can't find what you're looking for from the list above, or if they're unable to attend to you there are other options you can resort to. Take ServisHero for example, which allows you to find alternatives to nearly all of the services listed below. Then there's Kaodim, which even goes to the extent of offering services like personal trainers, photographers, catering and even language classes! 

With all these useful websites and services at hand, there's really no need to worry about whatever challenges your home throws your way. You're welcome. 

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