Cone Latte, Espresso Chicken And Other Coffee-Infused Dishes You Need To Try

These coffee dishes will change your life.

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Cone Latte, Espresso Chicken And Other Coffee-Infused Dishes You Need To Try
Image: Two Seven Coffee
A cup of coffee gets a lot of love but if that’s all you look for during your restaurant visit, then you’re truly missing out.

From a savoury spin to dainty delights, a healthy twist and everything in between, these Penang eateries will make your coffee experience the epitome of unforgettable. 

1. Wheeler’s Coffee - Espresso Chicken

Expresso Chicken
The guys at Wheeler’s Coffee always have a desire to come out with unique (and delicious!) food and one that should not be overlooked is their Espresso Chicken. Yes, you read that right. Perfectly grilled, juicy boneless chicken thigh is ladled with sweet cream sauce and paired with espresso on the side. Depending on your level of coffee craze, you may either dip little by little or simply pour them over the meat. Soon, they are about to reintroduce their espresso panna cotta too, so talk about a full-fledged coffee meal. 

2. Crepe Cottage - Espresso Crepe

Expresso Crepe
Just as the name suggests, crepes are the name of the game here. Choices are overwhelming and coffee is sure not missing out. Their Espresso Crepe is thin, infused with coffee flavours, and then topped with whipped cream, a scoop of coffee ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce and chopped nuts. This, you’ll want to order more! 

3. Doutor Coffee - Creme Brulee Latte & Military Latte 

Creme Brulee Latte & Military Latte
Doutor Coffee is a familiar face in Malaysia and their latest outlet in Gurney Plaza is similarly making waves for its quality coffee and Japan-inspired food. Creme Brulee Latte and Military Latte are mainstays on the menu. The first one, caramel infused latte lies under a glistening layer of blow torched brown sugar. The latter focuses less on texture and more about flavour twist by combining matcha and espresso in a single cup. 

4. Shia's Homemade Granola - Mocha Latte Smoothie 

Mocha Latte Smoothie
For those of you who are seeking something healthy without sacrificing the taste, of course, the Mocha Latte Smoothie at Shia’s Homemade Granola will win your heart in no time. It’s part of their secret menu, so make sure you ask for it. A single shot of premium roasted coffee is blended together with banana, cocoa and their signature almond milk, then topped with homemade granola and strawberries. Enjoy mouthfuls of texture and flavour with zero guilt!

5. Macallum Connoisseurs - Coffee Spaghetti 

Coffee Spaghetti
Besides being a cavernous coffee house, Macallum Connoisseurs is also a roastery and a coffee academy, so no doubt it's a good omen for coffee lovers. Check out their Coffee Spaghetti - spaghetti topped with a unique sauce made from espresso and cream, juicy pork chorizo slices and cheese sprinkling. Wrap up your meal with their Coffee Almond Mille Crepe (they commonly rotate their cake menu though) and freshly brewed coffee. 

6. Two Seven Coffee, Icon City - Cone latte

Cone LatteHoused in Icon City, Two Seven Coffee is gaining traction thanks to it’s Cone Latte. Crispy waffle cone blanketed with dark chocolate on the inside, filled with espresso and freshly steamed milk. Oh yes, even the thought of it sets you drooling. Creamy, bitter, sweet and crunchy, it's a whole new experience itself. Green tea and full chocolate bases are also available. Get snacking.

7. Marlons+Co. - Rose Mocha & Le Kenya Cake

Rose Mocha & Le Kenya Cake
Marlons+Co. is another spot where being bored is not an option for coffee enthusiasts. Their latest creation, Rose Mocha, is the first of the Hanakotoba (which means the language of flowers in Japanese) series. Espresso, dark chocolate and rose make up the base, which is then crowned by whipped cream and dried rose sprinkling. Coffee’s trusted sidekick is obviously a slice of cake, thus check out the Le Kenya cake - made from Kenyan beans and finished with salted caramel sauce. 

8. Creameal Handcrafted Ice Cream - Coffee Raisin & Cham Peng

With a name like Creameal Handcrafted Ice Cream, you know their selection of ice creams is destined to be good. There are two flavours to keep coffee nomads happy - Coffee Raisin and Cham Peng. Californian raisins are soaked with house brew of smooth espresso (using Arabica beans from Brazil and Indonesia), left to bond for eight hours or overnight and then turned into smooth, creamy and yummy ice cream. Cham Peng is exactly as it sounds; coffee joins force with milk tea to wow your taste buds. You can also scoop them over a bed of warm, fluffy waffles. Yum!

9. Mellowcup Coffee - Tiramisu Coffee

Tiramisu Latte
Can’t decide between a tiramisu or a coffee? Then check out Mellowcup Coffee’s signature Tiramisu Coffee. Aptly named and presented, the base is creamy latte, followed by mascarpone cheese and sealed on top by cocoa powder. They suggest sipping directly from the straw without much stirring to savour the layer of flavours to remind you of the Italian dessert. It’s served chilled by default but hot version is available too. 

10. Que Huong Toi Enterprise - Coffee Pudding 

Coffee Pudding
On the lookout for authentic Vietnamese cuisine? You can’t go wrong with a trip to this humble restaurant. Expect a meal with no shortage of spices and flavours and remember to end your climax with their signature Banh Flang, which means Vietnamese pudding. The smooth, cooling pudding itself is infused with coffee flavours, lounging in a pool of their signature milk coffee before ice cubes are placed over. Since it’s reasonable and tasty at the same time, repeated orders are understandable.

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