Someone Allegedly Leaked The iPhone 8 Price List And We Had A Heart Attack

Nothing can prepare you for this.

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Someone Allegedly Leaked The iPhone 8 Price List And We Had A Heart Attack
Image: Hypebeast

We know iPhones are expensive, but holy sh*t, this is insane!

September is here and you know what that means! Another new iPhone will be released soon, yay!

It's been speculated that Apple will be holding a product launch on 12 September, presumably for the new iPhone 8.

While there have been countless leaks (what's new, right?), the latest one courtesy of a tech reporter named Benjamin Geskin had everyone clutching their hearts and picking their jaws from the floor.

According to Geskin, who cites insiders working for Apple, there will reportedly be three price points for the new iPhone 8 - and it's so stupidly expensive, you probably can't afford the cheapest model even if you sell BOTH your kidneys.

Be prepared to eat sand forever.
The 64GB version will be the entry level model for this year's iPhone 8, and it will reportedly set you back around USD999 (RM4,242). The 256GB version, meanwhile, will reportedly be going for a hefty USD1,099 (RM4,667).

And now, the crème de la crème: the 512GB version -- which packs more memory than a 12-inch Macbook, by the way -- will cost you USD1,199 (RM5,092)!

That's almost the price of a brand new 13-inch MacBook Pro!
Of course, everything is speculation at the moment. The phones might not cost as much, per this report by BGR, but even so, they probably would still burn a big hole in your bank account.

For comparisons sake, the 32GB iPhone 7 went for USD649 (RM,2756), USD749 (RM3,181) for the 128GB model and the 256GB model would set you back USD849 (RM3,605) at launch.

So Apple fans, we suggest you start saving up.

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