Nobody Saw dUCk Cosmetics Coming But We Know It's Gonna Be Big

It is the first local cosmetic brand to have a physical store in Malaysia.

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Nobody Saw dUCk Cosmetics Coming But We Know It's Gonna Be Big
Image: dUCk Cosmetics
If there is one local brand that has the power to shake the ground with just a whisper of a new product, it would be dUCk.
All the ladies (and husbands and boyfriends) must have heard of the brand’s premium scarves that can crash websites and sell out in minutes both online and offline with every release.  
But after launching the highly successful dUCk Scarves, dUCk Stationery and dUCk Home & Living, this brand with a seemingly innocent name has something new up its sleeves.
A couple of months ago, the dUCk Group revealed on their official Instagram account that they had a new store in the works and called for its diehard followers to #findtheduckstore.

When they finally revealed the new location in Pavilion Mall, some found it strange that it was located directly opposite an existing dUCk Scarves store. Others were quick to assume that it could be a physical store for their Stationery and Home & Living line.

Our second dUCk store is in the prestigious PAVILION mall, that's why I said it's unexpected because it's opposite the current store! Why there? That secret is for another day 😜 For now, get excited that soon you'll get to walk in through these doors. And to these 10 winners, you'll get to come to this store launch AND pick out any 5 items FOR FREE! The winners are: 1. @azieabs 2. @liyanadarsani_ 3. @hanadeylaradli 4. @izyanmansor 5. @adihazainal 6. @nadilanorsaidi 7. @srhazm 8. @eleinemalek 9. @shr.fhnjhh 10. @farahdiyana Congratulations, lovelies!! 😍 Please email me at so I can send you the invitation soon! Thank you for being such a sport to #findtheduckstore, everyone! Seeing your photos is just making me feel even more excited! - D. #duckscarves #findtheduckstore #theduckstore

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Until this happened.

One of my favourite things in my new bathroom in the city is my dresser. I spent a bit to renovate here because it was important to have these white drawers. Why? Because they remind me of Mom's back home and that comforts me. Growing up I'd watch her get dolled up by opening these drawers and that's when my love for makeup began. No turning back ever since, and when I decided for @theduckgroup to have a makeup line, I knew the white drawers had to be in the picture. They witnessed my love at first sight. They were home to the makeup I used to steal from Mom. They were there from the beginning and I want to carry them with me in this @duckcosmetics journey. Ready to take it with me, dUCkies? - D. #duckcosmetics

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Nobody saw it coming but you can imagine the excitement coming from the thousands of dUCkies when the news broke. New followers at dUCk Cosmetics’ Instagram account kept pouring in just to get first dibs on the new line.
Finally, the first dUCk Cosmetics store opened its doors to public on 2 September at the prestigious mall in Kuala Lumpur, making it the first local cosmetic brand to have a physical store.

The brand’s debut collection presents a range of must-have products that are essential in a woman’s everyday beauty routine, kicking off with a complete range of lip products, eyeshadow palettes and makeup remover.
Your essential lip products, #Lipstickwitu Lipstick, #MatteDecisions Lip Cream and #GlossipGirl Lip Gloss.#AllEyeAsk eyeshadow palettes in Nude and Smokey.Triple Function #nofilter Makeup Remover in Hydrating, Brightening and Refreshing.
All the products are free of parabens, against animal testing and they’re also in the process of getting a halal certification.

So, in the words of Vivy Yusof: 'Boleh guna, takde hal babe!'
Those who purchase any of dUCk Cosmetics’ products will also be happy to find a personal note from the voice of dUCk, D.
The dUCk Cosmetics Debut Collection is now available for purchase at their flagship store at Pavilion, as well as online at Fashion Valet.

So what are you waiting for, ladies? Follow this brand new journey with dUCk Cosmetics and go get your hands on one of the products!

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