This Local Smoothie Brand Just Released Three M'sia-Inspired Drinks, And They Are Pretty Interesting

Bold flavours, these!

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This Local Smoothie Brand Just Released Three M'sia-Inspired Drinks, And They Are Pretty Interesting
Image: CoolBlog

Ask any true blue Malaysian and they'll tell you the same thing: we Malaysians love our food.

And that's the reason why a local smoothie brand has decided to blend some of our favourite food together and create their own unique line of smoothies.

In conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia Day, CoolBlog has unveiled three very Malaysian flavours: Coco Yam Pulut Hitam Smoothie, Cendol Durian Smoothie and Coco Kacang Chocolate Smoothie.

The three new flavours are part of their Rasa-Rasa Malaysia line-up.

CEO of Cool Blog, Keith Loh, at the launch of the new flavours
The CEO of CoolBlog, Keith Loh, said that the new range of flavours is a localisation of every Malaysian's favourite tastes. 

"We hope that these flavours would give Malaysians something to look forward too," Loh said in a statement.

They are now available at all CoolBlog outlets.
The new menu will officially be available at all CoolBlog kiosks starting from 7 September onwards, Keith said.

Here's what you can expect from the new line-up:

Coco Yam Pulut Hitam Smoothie (RM6.50)

Who would have thought coconut and yam go so well together? These two local favourites are combined to make a pretty interesting flavour. To top it off, the drink is garnished with some 'pulut hitam' to seal the deal. 

Cendol Durian Smoothie (RM7.50)

We Malaysians love our durian and our cendol, so why not marry them both? The Cendol Durian Smoothie will definitely be Malaysia's number one pick given the fact that the durian is the ‘King of Fruits’. Its taste is enhanced even more with the local flavours of our ‘cendol’ noodle.

Coco Kacang Chocolate Smoothie (RM6.50)

Coconut and chocolate are often seen together. Extra blended nuts are added on top of the Coco Kacang Chocolate Smoothie to tie all the flavours together, resulting in a distinct unique flavour that is the highlight of Coolblog’s new flavour.

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