Here's How You Can Buy This Villa In The Fiji Island For Only RM80!

This is not a joke.

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Here's How You Can Buy This Villa In The Fiji Island For Only RM80!

Always wanted a getaway home in the middle of nowhere? Well, here's your chance.

You now stand a chance to buy a stunning, five-star villa in Fiji for less than the price you pay for a piece of steak at Prime Steakhouse.

A one-of-a-kind lottery is giving the public -- yes, that's you! -- a chance to buy a holiday villa in the Fijian island of Wavi for just USD25 (RM80)!

Yes, you read that right and no, it's not a joke.

A total of five villas worth USD5mil (RM21mil) each are up for grabs in this one-of-a-kind raffle, and not only will each winner secure a villa, they will also be given two five-night, fully paid trips to the island to watch them build your dream villa.

Each villa comes with three bedrooms, a view of the ocean as well as a private pool, so you and your friends can chill all weekend long:

Not only that, each winner will also have full access to the resort's amenities, such as your own boat mooring on the island and - get this! - your very own private chefs at night who'll whip up anything you want.

To top it all off, you're not required to pay any management fees or rent - ever!

All this for a price of a pair of Calvin Klein underwear! How insane is that?

Spanning 27 acres off the shore of Vanua Levu, Wavi Island is located just a one-hour flight away from Fiji's capital of Nadi and is accessible via a private bridge.

The private island is famous for its pristine beaches that are lined with palm trees.

So if you're looking for the perfect Christmas present for your partner, then you don't have to look any further because nothing will ever beat a private villa!

For more information on how you can join this raffle, check out their official website.

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