You Can Now 'Tapau' Your Belongings Like How You 'Tapau' Your Kopi

This bag is simply too awesome.

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You Can Now 'Tapau' Your Belongings Like How You 'Tapau' Your Kopi
Image: When I Was Four

Ditch your Louis Vuittons and Pradas; this one is made specifically for the Malaysian in you.

We Malaysians love our kopi ais, and there's no better way to wake up in the morning than a cold glass of kopi ais at your favourite kopitiam.

Which is why this bag is perfect for you!

Singaporean brand When I Was Four has created a shoulder bag that closely resembles a kopi ais tapau bag that we Malaysians are very familiar with.

'Tapau' one laptop, please!
Goes with any outfit.
Called the 'Kopi Dabao Bag' (duh!), it is made out of transparent and brown PVC, and comes with an interchangeable green and pink straps - just like the raffia string on a real tapau bag!

And as an added bonus, it comes with a straw too!

Which is the real bag?
Green or red, it's up to you.
According to the brand, the bag is big enough to fit A4-sized documents and maybe, a 13-inch laptop. 

The Kopi Dabao Bag is selling for SGD19.90 (RM61.90), and you can get it at their official website.

It's the perfect gift for your kopitiam-loving friends, don't you think?

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