Twitter Is Considering Expanding Its Character Limit Up To 10,000

Wah, want to write thesis or what?!

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Twitter Is Considering Expanding Its Character Limit Up To 10,000
Almost everyone knows what Twitter is and we bet most of you even use it on a daily basis. The concept is simple and straight-forward: a micro-blogging site where you can pen your thoughts or share valuable information all within a 140-character limit.

It’s also a place where you stalk your crush’s deepest thoughts and dreams (don’t lie, we know you also do this).

Since its inception in 2006, we’ve seen how Twitter has evolved throughout the years but it has stood by its character limit no matter what.

Well, that’s about to change soon, if reports are to be believed.

According to Reuters, Twitter made an announcement on Tuesday that they will begin testing tweets with 280-character limit cap with random users around the world.

Twitter project manager Aliza Rosen and senior software engineer Ikuhiro Ihara said in a blogpost that they resonate with Twitter users on one thing: “Trying to cram your thoughts into a Tweet – we've all been there, and it's a pain.”

The company decided to carry out the experiment following concerns that people could not really express themselves easily enough within 140 characters and they are afraid that this might hurt the platform’s popularity.

What do you think of the character expansion plan?
In fact, according to a report in January 2016, Twitter has been running internal tests for longer tweets and they have also been contemplating on expanding the character limit to 10,000 characters.

To be honest, if we wanted to write something to that extent, we’d turn to other sites like Blogspot or the likes of that. Imagine if Twitter actually allowed that to happen, it’ll look super cluttered and boring! Insert *eye roll emoji*

Never change, Twitter. Or else you’ll really lose your popularity.

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