Who Knew That Potato Chips + Chocolate Would Be The Best Food Combination Ever!

Sounds weird but trust us, you’ll end up wanting more!

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Who Knew That Potato Chips + Chocolate Would Be The Best Food Combination Ever!
Potatoes are probably one of the best vegetables to have ever existed. It’s so yummy and versatile, you could literally eat it in so many ways!

From French fries to mashed potatoes, baked potatoes to potato chips, potatoes will never let your taste buds down.

Well, there’s another food that will also not let you down and is literally addictive – chocolate. This sinfully good confectionary has been around for centuries and has helped put a smile on millions of faces.

So, can you imagine what it would be like if you combine potato chips and chocolate

A chocolate company did exactly that and let's just say our mouths water just thinking about it.

All your curves and your edges, all your perfect imperfections.
We at Rojak Daily had a chance to visit the Royce’ chocolate store at One Utama recently and we were treated to a sample tasting, and what really stood out the most for us is their potato chip chocolate.

Literally named Potato Chip Chocolate, every piece of the potato chips is coated with a sweet layer of melted Royce' chocolate.

According to Royce''s General Manager of Overseas Division Maiko Yamazaki, the Potato Chip Chocolate is the best-selling Royce’ product in Japan, and we see why.

So, Malaysians, you've got to get on the potato chocolate chip train if you haven't already.

It is worth every cent, seriously.
There are four variants available for this product – original, fromage blanc, mild bitter, and assortment. Each box of is priced at RM54.80 except for the assortment box, which will cost you RM159.80 (there are three packs of potato chip chocolates inside).

You can purchase them at any Royce' chocolate store throughout Malaysia or via their e-store.

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