These New Super-Canggih Earbuds Can Help Translate Other Languages In Real Time!

You can now communicate without any language barriers.

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These New Super-Canggih Earbuds Can Help Translate Other Languages In Real Time!
Image: The Verge
Have you ever had difficulty conversing with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you? In Malay, we’d call this scenario “bercakap ibarat itik dan ayam”, which figuratively means that a duck is trying to converse with a chicken.

Well soon, this will become a thing of the past because the future is finally here.

Google recently introduced their latest line of earphones called the Google Pixel Buds, a revolutionary earpiece that helps to decipher and translate real-time conversations in over 40 languages.

The Pixel Buds are designed to complement Google’s second-generation Pixel smartphones and may have taken some inspiration from the Apple AirPods. They’re somewhat wireless but there’s a string attached to each bud so you can conveniently hang it around your neck.

Looks like the thing that's on your sweater, but super duper canggih.
The Pixel Buds comes in three colours – white, grey, and black - and are priced at USD$159 (RM672.65) a pair. It will be available in the US starting November but no news yet on when or if it’ll reach our shores.

Imagine the opportunities these earbuds will bring. You can communicate seamlessly with your clients overseas and it can also make your travels easier!

Psst, for those of you who are on the lookout for a jodoh who speaks a foreign language like French or Spanish, well, this will make your life easier.

Not convinced yet? You can watch the Google Pixel Buds demo here:

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