Malaysian University Horror Stories That Will Give You The Creeps

“I came here to study at a uni, not a cemetery."

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Malaysian University Horror Stories That Will Give You The Creeps
Original Image: Brook Ward/Flickr
Continuing your studies to a tertiary level can be the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking phase in your life. This is where you’ll meet new friends, gain new experience, go through a lot of drama, and learn to make mature decisions.

But what if some of your uni/college experience turn out to be an unforgettable one, no thanks to some unexplainable, probably paranormal or weird activities?

We know, you might be thinking, “I came here to study at uni, not a cemetery, where got ghost.” But these are some of the eerie stories that some of our readers unfortunately experienced during their student days.

The Uninvited Dancer

It is said those who perform the 'Mak Yong' dance will be in a state of trance.
Back in 2012, Dinah* and her friends were studying in a local college in Lendu, Melaka. It was their final year, so they were busy making some preparations for their diploma art show throughout the week.

Every day, there would be a cultural group practising next to the venue of their exhibition. The group usually conducts their practice routine at night.

One day, it was already past midnight when Dinah and her friends were still setting up their artworks. The cultural group wrapped up their dance session and were about to leave. Suddenly everyone heard a loud thud, like something heavy just fell to the ground.

It turns out, one of the dancers collapsed. She suddenly got up, and started acting strangely. She began crackling like a witch and started performing the traditional ‘Mak Yong’ dance. Obviously, everyone was freaking out as the dancer looked like she was in some sort of trance. (If you’ve never heard of the dance, you can search it up on YouTube.)

Dinah and her friends decided that it was a sign to wrap things up and call it a day. She didn’t know what happened to the poor dancer in the end.

“I’ve always heard stories of this traditional dancer making ‘appearances’ in our college, but I’ve never thought that I’d see it happening right before my own eyes one day.”

Who Could It Be?

Have you had experienced something similar?
One day, Elena* and her classmates decided to have a sleepover at one of their friends' room as her room was the biggest type in their dorm.

“There were about seven or eight of us. It was past midnight, so we accompanied anyone who wanted to use the toilet. Half of the gang went to the loo while the rest waited outside.”

“There’s a sink that students used to wash their dishes right opposite of the toilet. We suddenly heard someone opening the tap and as if someone is doing the dishes. We were curious to know who was cleaning up at that hour and peeked to the direction of the sink. Lo and behold, there was no one there!”

“Just when we were about to make a run after getting spooked, our friends from the toilet suddenly ran out. They told us they could hear someone flushing from the next cubicle, but no one was there and the door was ajar! Everyone was so scared and didn't dare leave the room till the next morning.”

The Concerned Security Guard

So 'rajin' the guard leh checking on students who aren't asleep yet.
Living with friends in a dormitory can be fun, since you get to play games and hang out with each other. Before you know it, it’s already the wee hours of the morning. But staying up could mean that there are ‘others’ who are not asleep as well.

Jimi* and his friends were busy playing poker in their dorm one night. They were studying at a local university in Kedah at that time. Suddenly, a security guard who was making his routine midnight rounds passed by their room window. He was well known among the students and was a very friendly person.

“Eh tidur lah, dah pukul 2.30 pagi ni. Pergi tidur cepat, (Hey, go to sleep soon, it's already 2.30am)” the concerned security guard advised Jimi and the gang.

At that moment, the boys thought nothing of it, and since it was getting late, they all agreed to go to bed.

But it wasn’t until about 15 minutes later the boys noticed something amiss. “Wait, isn’t our room on the fourth floor?” Jimi murmured to himself. Everyone in the room exchanged nervous glances and decided to sleep.

We could clearly see his face, hear his voice, and the way he talked was also exactly like Pak Abu*, that’s why we didn’t suspect anything at first,” Jimi tells Rojak Daily.

Boy, we wonder which security guard was doing the graveyard shift on that day. Could it be ‘someone’ who’s actually from the graveyard?

Knock, Knock, Who’s There? It’s Me, Orang Sebelah

Guess who's the unexpected guest?
Exam season can be the most stressful period for any student. Wawa* was studying in Sintok when she was first cautioned by her seniors against pulling all-nighters or staying up late.

“I was staying in the dorm that was located at the end of our university. It is said that my dorm was the most haunted one and it was close to the jungle and the Thai border. It was literally just a few meters away.”

It was exam season, so naturally a lot of people were staying up to study, she told us. One night, the occupants in one of the rooms at level three encountered an unforgettable experience.

According to Wawa, there were four girls in that room, studying their brains out for an upcoming paper. It was past midnight. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me, orang sebelah.”

They thought it was their next-door neighbour, so they immediately opened the door.

To their horror, it wasn’t the orang sebelah (neighbour) they expected. It was literally a girl standing by the door with half her body sliced off. She had long hair and was weirdly dressed in pyjamas.

“The girls fainted. I don’t know what happened to them after that. But this mysterious ‘orang sebelah’ has been haunting our dorm and making appearances every exam season,” Wawa recalled.


Someone uninvited showed up to class today...
Azie* was studying at a local uni in Shah Alam a few years ago. Besides her faculty, some of her classes were held at one of the central buildings of the university. 

"Me and my friends heard so many stories about this building especially if the classes were at night. But what happened to me is something I didn't expect in a million years."

One day, Azie had to attend a class in that said building. Her classes ended around noon and everyone was dimissed. Azie went to the loo while her other friend waited for her in the classroom to finish up some notes. Everyone else had left earlier.

When Azie returned to her class, her friend looked really pale and was really quiet. Sensing something amiss, they gathered their stuff and left the building immediately. 

After having lunch and settling down, her friend finally spoke up.

"While waiting for you, suddenly the room had a chilly and eerie feeling. The worst thing happened next - the curtains suddenly moved by itself. The windows were closed and it felt like the beginning of a horror movie. I was lucky you arrived just in the nick of time," the traumatised friend told Azie.

"It was daytime. Who could've imagine ghosts trying to mess with you in the middle of the day? Plus, there was no logical explanation on how the curtains could move so much by itself," Azie said.

Jane* who was studying in the same institution also had a hair-raising experience in that particular building.

This is why we hate taking the elevator alone at night.
"I was taking extra language classes so the classes were held at night at that building. At night, the building looks kind of dark and quiet since all of the shops or offices were closed. My class was at level 13 so I had to take the elevator. I was alone and felt really uneasy. Suddenly, there was water dripping next to me out of nowehere. It came from above. I got goosebumps and didn't dare to look up. Who knows what was up there!"

Did you go through any supernatural experiences during your college days? Or had an unforgettable encounter with any otherworldly beings? Share your stories with us in the comments section!

*The names in these stories have been changed to protect the interviewees' privacy.

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