Rihanna Wants To Give You Infinite Ways To Get Mega Lit With Her First Holiday Makeup Collection

This limited edition collection will take you to another galaxy.

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Rihanna Wants To Give You Infinite Ways To Get Mega Lit With Her First Holiday Makeup Collection
Image: Fenty Beauty
It has only been one month since Rihanna launched her first ever makeup line that shook the beauty industry and she is already gearing up for her second launch to celebrate the upcoming holiday season.
Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is introducing a universe of wild special effects like nothing you’ve ever seen before with the limited edition Galaxy Collection.
Unlike the softer, more muted tones of the debut collection we saw in September, the holiday collection is an assortment of over-the-top items that are practically drenched in glitter.
Comprising of glitzed-out lipsticks, twinkling glosses, metallic-to-glitter eyeliner and an eyeshadow palette with mega-reflective shades, ‘wow’ would be an understatement for this collection.

Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette

The eyeshadow palette comes in 14 shades that will give you infinite new dimensions.
This hyper-reflective eyeshadow palette comes in a rainbow of celestial-inspired colours. You can bring your makeup to a new dimension with these 3D flecks of colour and glitter combo. It’s like jewellery for your eyes!

Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner

The eyeliner comes in three otherworldly shades with a precise tip and smooth formula.
This transforming metallic-to-liquid eyeliner lets you choose your own finish. Whether you want a low-key metallic look or high-impact sparkle, this eyeliner offers both ends of the spectrum with its revolutionary blend of intense pigment and pearlescent colours. Rub the eyeliner when it is dry to reveal a custom glitter effect.

Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter

Glide over your entire lip for a full-on glitzy finish or dab at the centre of your lipstick for a subtle reflect.
Just as the name suggests, this lip gloss gives your lips an out-of-this-world shine with a combination of pigment, glitter and gloss. Each swipe is drenched in iridescent glitter that shines bright like a diamond. This lip gloss is also designed to be smooth and creamy, making it comfortable to wear.

Starlit Hyper-Glitz Lipstick 

The shimmering lipstick comes in four lustrous shades.
This shimmery lipstick is a collision of metal and cream, giving you the feel of a lip balm that looks like it is dipped in liquefied jewels. Every hue is soaked in microshimmer that reflects a jewel chrome sheen. The lipstick’s creamy texture gives you all the glitz without the grit, so your lips would look and feel beyond stellar.
Rihanna wants her first holiday collection to turn heads all around, and that’s exactly what the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection is all about.
The Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Galaxy Collection will be available beginning 13 October at all Sephora Malaysia outlets and online, for a limited time only. 

So be sure to mark your calendars, set your reminders and standby at any Sephora store you can get your hands (or feet) on!

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