There's Now A Cake For All You Pimple Poppers Out There

Yes, it actually looks pretty gross.

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There's Now A Cake For All You Pimple Poppers Out There

What a time to be alive!

Over the years, we've seen our share of cool, creative and, may we add, slightly gross cakes. From a cake shaped like a cockroach (eew!) to this cake modeled after a toilet, you thought you've seen them all.

Well, you're wrong, because a local bakery has just upped the ante.

The Cakescape, which is based in Ampang and has been in business since 2009, has just created a cake for all you pimple poppers out there.

Perfect for teenagers.
The cake features the head of a girl named Evelyn (who dat?) and red, blotchy 'pimples' that you - surprise, surprise! - can actually squeeze.

When you press on the side of the 'pimple', a clump of white cake bits pops out, just like how real pimples do.

Here's a video of the cake in case you have difficulty imagining how the cake looks like:

The bakery told US website Mashable that they have sold more than 20 of these cakes -- which were made to order -- since the beginning of this year.

According to the bakery, the customers who ordered the cake want it for the shock value, and most of the orders were reportedly for birthday celebrations and bachelorette parties.

Umm, we just want a normal Superman cake for our birthday, thanks!

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