Yes, 'Dragon Ball' Burger Is A Thing In Japan And We Want It Now!

Goku approves.

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Yes, 'Dragon Ball' Burger Is A Thing In Japan And We Want It Now!
Image: Twitter/@emosehi

Forget your nasi lemak burgers; we want this right now!

In the wonderful land of Japan, you'll find many weird and wonderful food items. Like this raw horse meat, for example. Or candied grasshoppers, if that's your thing.

Mmmm, works up your appettite, doesn't it?

But one food item that we really approve is this glorious Dragon Ball burger:

A different kind of spirit bomb.
Yep, that's right: the Dragon Ball burger exists in Japan and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

According to a Redditor who goes by the name of The_Good_Human, the burger is made out of chicken patty and comes with a generous serving of fries.

The buns on the burger were made to look like Master Roshi's gi and comes complete with his kanji '亀', which stands for 'kame' (for those of you who don't speak Japanese, it means 'turtle').
And as a bonus, the set comes complete with a tiny Dragon Ball, which, when you crack open, reveals a couple of beans (peanuts?) made to resemble the famous Senzu beans from the anime.

(In the anime, Senzu beans are a type of mystical beans with immense rejuvenation and healing properties.) 

To rejuvenate your power!
So, where can you find this awesome Dragon Ball burger?

According to the Redditor, the burgers are sold in this cool little cafe called J-World in Tokyo. However, he did not mention how much the set costs, but we are pretty sure it won't cost you all seven Dragon Balls.

We think lah.

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