Staying In Dorms Won't Feel The Same Anymore With This New Luxury Capsule Hotel In KL

They invited us to stay over for a night and we didn't want to leave.

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Staying In Dorms Won't Feel The Same Anymore With This New Luxury Capsule Hotel In KL
Image: The Bed KLCC
Capsule hotels – or its not-so-cool name, dorms – are common among backpackers and travellers who are looking for budget-friendly accommodation.
Dorms and capsule hotels may be the most convenient pit stop when we travel, since we spend most of the day out and about and at the end of the day, we just need a place to rest and sleep.
However, it turns out that the popularity of capsule hotels is dwindling as we speak. Most travellers cite lack of facilities, privacy and services when it comes to this type of budget stay.
Quite frankly, many people nowadays are more willing to fork out a bit of extra cash for a better place, somewhere with contemporary interior design, high speed internet and a space to make new friends because that’s the best way to fully immerse into the culture and environment of wherever they’re travelling to.
Now, people travelling to Kuala Lumpur will get to experience just that at this brand new hotel.
The Bed KLCC is located at Vortex KLCC, Jalan Sultan Ismail.
Located in the heart of the city, The Bed KLCC is Malaysia’s first ever interactive co-living accommodation that offers a luxury capsule hotel experience fit for all.
Yes, luxury capsule hotel!
The good people behind this new innovative hotel invited us over to experience the place for a night and here’s what our stay looked like.
The Bed KLCC doesn’t stray too far away from the typical capsule hotel look, but it does feel very much different.
The sharing rooms have up to 10 single pods each.
Each pod is fully equipped with all the facilities a modern traveller needs, including high-speed Wi-Fi, USB ports for charging, universal plug points, LED lights, a foldable table, mirror, and private locker.
The bed is really very comfy!You'd be surprised how much you can actually do with this mini multipurpose foldable table.If you tend to ALWAYS forget your towels and toiletries when you travel, don't worry. They've got you covered.
Although you are sharing rooms with other travellers, you will still be able to enjoy your privacy in the pod by pulling down the privacy blinds.
Just switch off the light in your pod and nobody will be able to look inside and you know, creep on what you're up to.
The sharing room for single pods looks more like a luxury budget hotel.
This locker can fit quite a lot of stuff.
Lockers to keep your shoes outside because we're Asian like that.
As you can see, each single pod at The Bed KLCC is actually quite spacious compared to the standard pod offered at traditional capsule hotels. The size of the single pod is 40sqft, while the size of the suite is 150sqft.
Wait, what? There’s a suite in a capsule hotel?
We’re not kidding. The single pod is not the only option you have at this luxury capsule hotel! So, if you're feeling a bit atas but don't want to spend too much for a night's stay, there's a suite option just for you.
Travellers can choose from up to six different types of pods - Single Pod Side Entry (female only), Single Pod Side Entry (mixed), Single Pod Front Entry (mixed), King Pod or Family Pod, Single Pod Suite, and Queen Pod Suite.
The single pod suite if you just wanna be all alone.The queen pod suite is practically a regular hotel room!
So, you can choose to be anti-social and pick the private pods in a sharing room, or be even more anti-social and go for the private suite pods.
Just kidding! Don’t be anti-social lah, look at the common area!
They even have a fireplace!
The lounge is open from 6am to 12am, so guests travelling for business can work at the work stations. But if you just want to relax and lounge around, you can either watch TV or interact with the new friends you will meet from around the world.
This is practically a good co-working space.
There’s also a mini cafeteria with complimentary coffee and tea available - get this - all day long! So if you’re the kind of person who can’t live without your caffeine no matter day or night, this is the place for you.
The lounge with a mini cafeteria.
The Bed KLCC also tries their best to ensure the comfort and security of the guests by providing 24-hour security, 24-hour check-in reception and 24-hour in-house cleaners.
Speaking of cleaners, the sharing bathrooms are really unlike any other budget hotels.
The shared bathrooms with enough shower rooms for everyone.
Don’t worry if you forget your toiletries, because each shower room is equipped with shampoo and shower gel, a large rain shower that will make you feel like you’re standing under a waterfall, and a regular showerhead if you like it better that way.
The changing room is very spacious and well-equipped. They have multiple hair dryers!
As the capsule hotel’s tagline “Your Bed in the Heart of KL” suggests, The Bed KLCC is strategically located at the heart of city within the Golden Triangle with attractions like KLCC and Bukit Bintang just within reach.
The Bed KLCC is also very well connected to the city’s transportation network, including the free shuttle bus GoKL, LRT, MRT and monorail, all available within walking distance from the hotel. It is the perfect location for local and international tourists all around.
If you need a better look at the capsule hotel, here's a video for you.

Now, here comes the most important question – how much is it?
The Bed KLCC begins from RM69 per pod per night and the single pod suite is priced from RM139 per pod, inclusive of complimentary breakfast, daily housekeeping and high-speed internet access.
But wait, there’s more!
Following the soft opening, The Bed KLCC is now offering an introductory room rate from RM49 nett, with breakfast included for a limited time only!
So don’t wait anymore! If you’re travelling to KL for whatever reason, even if you’re already living in KL, faster book a pod at The Bed KLCC! Convenience, quality, community, affordability; this place has got it all.
You can also visit The Bed KLCC’s website for more details on this luxury capsule hotel.
Enjoy your stay!

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