10 ‘Taboos’ Our Parents Told Us When We Were Kids And The Rationale Behind Them

We couldn’t really figure out the 11th one though. HELP!

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  • Thursday, 19 October 2017
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10 ‘Taboos’ Our Parents Told Us When We Were Kids And The Rationale Behind Them
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Being the responsible adult in charge is no easy task. To remain as the captain in control of the ship, you need to have the skill of giving instructions to your subordinates and ensuring that they get the job done the correct way.

Now imagine that your subordinates are those ranging from the terrible twos to rebellious teens! To say that it is difficult to deal with them is totally an understatement. 

Scary tales have been a form of tool to keep these young ones from misbehaving themselves. It is a method that has been utilised from one generation to another. It really is a trick that never gets old!

Sometimes, you just have to admit that the tales do sound rather odd. However, there always seem to be logical reasons behind this particular kind of ‘taboos’. The main aim is always to keep the subjects in check with their manners and etiquette as well as to avoid any unwanted incidents.
We are pretty sure that you have come across some – if not all – of them before! With that, we have listed down some of the common ones along with the rationale behind them. Check ‘em out!    

1.    “If you eat the seed of a fruit, a tree of that said fruit will grow in your stomach”

There were also those who took it to the next level by saying that the branches will come out of your ears! Gasp, was Groot born this way?

Logic: This whole disturbing tree-growing-bluff is to prevent the little ones from swallowing the seed, which could potentially lead to choking. 

2.    “If you don't finish your rice, the rice will cry in the middle of the night”

There is even a story about this. Geez! Another different version we've heard is that if you don't finish your rice, your future spouse will have a lot of pimples.

Logic: Just another trick under your parents' sleeve to get you to finish your food! No wasting, please! 

3.    “If you sit on the pillow, an abscess will grow on the skin of your butt”

The horror is real if you had ever seen how one looks like! Yup, it doesn't sound fun.

Logic: They do not want you to be sitting on the pillow because that’s where you’d rest your head when you sleep at night. Therefore, having your buttocks sit on it beforehand is simply not agreeable. This is one of the effective solutions to stop one from sitting on the pillows.

4.    “If you sing while you’re in the kitchen, you will get married to an old person”

Apparently, kitchen karaoke is not encouraged back in the day.

Logic: In the kitchen, you’re supposed to be focusing on whatever you have been assigned to do. Singing could distract you from the fact that you have yet to flip that fish since you started frying it 20 minutes ago! That, or your mom is sick of hearing you sing "Despacito".

5.    “Eat only at one spot. If not, when you get married, you and your spouse will live far away from each other”

Long distance relationships can be quite a challenge back then, considering there was no Facetime, there was no e-mail and there definitely wasn't a telco that would give you free unlimited calls.

Logic: Basically, this is to ensure that only a specific spot has to be cleaned after dining. Think of all the remnant and spills taking place here, there, everywhere and you’re the one in charge of cleaning them up…Do you get the point now?

6.    “When you lie down on your stomach, don't put your leg(s) up. Doing so will make your mother pass away in the near future”

Some even claim that if you move your legs around whilst in the said position, the effect will take place much sooner. Sorry mom, for we have sinned.

Logic: It is not proper to be in such position, especially when 1) you're a lady and 2) others are around. This daunting white lie probably popped up as the last resort to deal with the really stubborn ones!

7.    “If you keep making funny faces, it will eventually get stuck that way”

For the most extreme of cases, your parents probably showed you a list of those who did in the past and had their faces stay permanently that way.

Logic: They just want you to stop goofing around. Especially during family photo shoots. Seriously, stop it. 

8.    “If you whistle in the evening, you're inviting snakes into the house”

Don’t you dare whistle in the house past 3pm, unless you want to get smacked by your parents!

Logic: This possibly originated from the fact that in some cultures, making noise in the evening would mean that you are disturbing a peaceful night and bring danger to yourself. This statement does the job to stop y’all from constantly whistling during those hours. 

9.    “Don’t eat from chipped plates for if you do, when you have a child, he/she will be born with cleft lip”

When we were younger, we probably didn't know what cleft lip meant, but that didn't stop our parents from scaring us. Chipped plates could lead to serious harm.

Logic: They absolutely do not want you to eat in chipped plates because you might get injured from it. One possibility of such happening: the chipped part may chip even more and without you realising, the chipped bit could get in your food. You may end up eating it. What a consequence. Major ouch!

10.    “Don’t sew on an outfit while wearing it. If you do so, you’ll not live long”

Probably told to scare us from touching their beloved sewing machine. Also probably 'cos they don’t approve of your attempt at the impromptu-runway-sewing-style.

Logic: Well, since you are most likely not an expert in sewing, this is to make sure that you don’t get yourself poked with the needle!                                                                                                                         
While we could figure out the logics for the above, we are cracking our heads trying to figure out the justification for this one: 

11.    “Don’t point at the rainbow for if you do, stump fingers you shall have”

We’re pretty sure it doesn’t have anything to do with leprechauns. But does anyone have a clue? Let us know!

Well, at the end of the day, despite getting spooked by the elderlies with their ‘warnings’ because we were so gullible back then (pfft!), it is nice to know that they were all said and done for our own good. Plus, you wouldn’t want to risk it, would you? 

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