Guys, Our Dream Has Come True; A Fried Chicken Festival Will Be Taking Place In November

Gather all your fried chicken-loving buddies.

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Guys, Our Dream Has Come True; A Fried Chicken Festival Will Be Taking Place In November

There's no festival that excites you more than this upcoming festival (sorry, Deepavali!).

We've been waiting so long for this, we're surprised that no one ever thought of organising one sooner.

But it's OK, 'cos Malaysia's first ever fried chicken festival will be taking place next month!

Organised by the cool people behind FriedChillies -- the same people who organised the nasi lemak event back in 2014 -- the one-of-a-kind makan-makan food fest, called the Ayam Lejen Fried Chicken Festival, will be held over two days (18-19 November) at the Ara Damansara LRT Station.

According to the organisers, the festival will feature eight different types of fried chicken from some of the most popular stalls in Malaysia.

Some of the stalls who will be serving up some piping hot fried chicken at the festival include the famed Gerai Ah KowBroasted Chicken KingKiller Gourmet Burgers (KGB), Nomms and of course, MyBurgerLab. You can click here for the full list.

Okay, so, let's get down to business: how much will the tickets cost?

Well, if you're an early bird (pun unintended), you only need to pay RM48. Standard tickets cost RM58, so yeah, why wait? 

According to FriedChillies, each ticket holder will be entitled to taste all eight yummy fried chicken dishes.

Oh, here's another important thing to note: the event will be divided into four sessions over the two days, starting from 10am until 2pm before continuing at 4pm all the way until 8pm.

A maximum of 500 people will be permitted entry into a single session, so remember to be there early.

Tickets are now on sale at Peatix, and if it's your lifelong dream of drowning in fried chicken, you know what you need to do.

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