Astro And myBurgerLab Launched A Creepy Looking Burger...And We Ate It!

It tastes...strange!

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Astro And myBurgerLab Launched A Creepy Looking Burger...And We Ate It!

Want to serve your guests something creepy on Halloween? We've found the perfect solution!

Everyone's favourite local burger joint myBurgerLab and Astro (yes, that Astro where you watch all your K-Dramas on) recently locked themselves in a laboratory and emerged with a Frankenstein of a burger.

Aptly named 'The Horror', the burger looks like it came out of a scary movie.

The burger is made up of a juicy grilled chicken patty, which is sandwiched between myBurgerLab's signature home-made charcoaled potato bun.

The red squishy brain-like stuff you see on top of the patty is actually their specially-made Sriracha ‘otak-otak egg-salad’.
The perfect brain food.

Just...yum!To complete the grotesque look of a brain, beet root purée is infused into the sauce for an oozing bloodied appearance. So, the red sauce you see on your burger? Not blood (or so we think).

And to top it all off, you'll find a layer of crunchy green 'fuchok' “zombie skin” in your burger. 

Mmmm, sounds appetising, doesn't it?

Looks hella appetising, doesn't it?
In case you're still wondering what Astro has to do with this burger, well, they partnered up with myBurgerLab to promote their 'Same Day as the U.S' Campaign, where Astro subscribers get to catch the latest seasons of exciting TV series such as The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, The Exorcist and Gotham on the same day as the United States.

So, for a limited time only, Malaysians will be able to enjoy the ‘The Horror’ burger at all myBurgerLab outlets (Seapark, Sunway, OUG and Cyberjaya) for RM25.70 (set price) or RM17.90 (ala carte price).

And because Rojak Daily is Astro's favourite child (heh!), we had a couple of The Horror burgers sent to our office last Tuesday.

So, What Does It Really Taste Like?

There's really one word to describe it: weird.

But let's talk about the appearance first: it may look a bit gross or unappetising in the pictures, but it's really not in real life. In fact, it looks just like the burgers you would normally find at myBurgerLab.

The 'brain juice' looks noticeably redder in real life compared to the pictures. At first, we thought it was cranberry sauce - the type you'll find on your plate of IKEA meatballs.

We later realised it's not - because it's something different altogether.

Our set came with a tub of mashed potatoes, but we're not entirely sure if yours would too.

The chicken patty is incredibly juicy and succulent. Credit to myBurgerLab: they definitely do know how to make chicken meat yummy.

As you chomp down your burger, the Sriracha ‘otak-otak egg-salad’ hits you. It has a pretty distinct taste and texture, but you wouldn't be able to describe it on first bite because it's unlike anything you've tasted before.

The otak-otak pieces taste a bit like satay, and you won't be able to taste the egg salad that much because it's entirely covered in Sriracha sauce.

We have to say, myBurgerLab did a pretty good job of making it feel like you're eating a real brain, because you can definitely feel the tiny, squishy egg and otak-otak pieces in your mouth.

Disclaimer: we have never tasted brains before, but this is what we imagine it would taste and feel like.

After a couple of bites, the spiciness of the Sriracha kicks in. The pedas-ness isn't too overpowering, though, probably due to the fact that beet root purée masks the 'kick' pretty well with a tinge of sweetness. So, it's perfectly fine if you can't tolerate spicy food; you can still eat this burger. 

The first couple of chomps, you'll be pretty confused because you'll have a pretty tough time dissecting the ingredients and the taste (we actually did).

But a little further down the road, when you give up trying to figure out what's in the burger and actually enjoy it, you'll begin to feel that the flavours and the texture of the ingredients come together really well. 

The chicken patty, the Sriracha 'otak-otak egg salad', the beet root puree, the super cruncy 'fuchuk' layer; strangely, it somehow works. Sure, the flavours may seem weird to you at first, but once you begin to enjoy it, it's a really, really good burger.

So, would we head to myBurgerLab for a second round? The answer is a resounding yes. 

And since it's a limited edition burger, we highly recommend that you give it a try before they pull it off the menu for good.

Oh, the horror.

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