There's A Professional Mobile Phone Gaming League With A Prize Pool Of USD100,000


Yes, really. All you need to join is your mobile phone... and a team of five people.

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There's A Professional Mobile Phone Gaming League With A Prize Pool Of USD100,000
Credit: Moontoon
You’ve probably heard of the game. In fact, 7 million Malaysians have the game on their phone right now. It’s called Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.  

Mobile Legends was launched in 2016 and it already has 110 million global downloads with more than 3 million active users a month in Singapore and Malaysia. And starting 9 November, you can be part of history and participate in the biggest mobile e-league for ML:BB in Malaysia and Singapore, the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL).
Legend-lah You
MPL will be held over 20 weeks and is be broken up into three phases: Qualifiers, Regular Season, and Playoffs. The Playoffs will see the top 8 players from the two phases battle it out in best-of-three styled matches with the finals being a best-of-five. The final champion will be invited to play at the ML:BB Worlds
How do I join?
Registrations for the first qualifiers are from 14th - 21st November at Qualifiers are split into three groups: two groups for Malaysian teams and one for Singaporean teams. Registrations for the second qualifier and the third qualifier will be held from 21st - 28th November in Singapore and 28th November - 5th December in Malaysia respectively. We recommend you head to for all your scheduling needs. Remember to block out those dates before you register! 
When is it happening?
Qualifiers: (Top 2 wins USD400 each, 3rd place USD200)
Week 1: 24 November – 26 November
Week 2: 1 December – 3 December 
Week 3: 8 December – 10 December
Prize Pool
There is a total prize pool of USD100,000 with USD50,000 allocated to qualifiers and the rest is allocated to the playoffs. The grand prize winner wins the aforementioned USD25,000 while second place nets you USD10,000.
I Can’t Enter The Tournament, Can I Watch It?

 All matches will be aired on eGG network!
The games will be broadcast live on social media, on streaming apps, and on TV through eGG Network. There will be over 173 hours of broadcasted content and accompanying highlight shows so you’re covered for the duration of the tournament. 

If you know a gamer who wants to go pro, tag him in this post. We’ll see you at the finals!

The 'Mobile Legends:Bang Bang' professional league is brought to you by our legendary sponsor Honor 8 Pro, the world's very first AI Smartphone! 

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