Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Thicker And Darker? We Ask An Expert!

It's about time we start talking about this taboo topic.

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Does Shaving Make Your Hair Grow Thicker And Darker? We Ask An Expert!
Image: EmpowHER
Beauty routines can be a very personal thing, especially for women. There are certain regimes we tend to follow that can turn into habits that are difficult to change.

But have you ever wondered where those routines originated from? Did you hear it from somebody or read it on the internet?
Over the years, we have probably gotten plenty of beauty advice from a lot of people. So figuring out what is real and what isn’t can be quite tricky, especially when it comes to taboo topics that women generally don’t talk about, like hair removal.
Ladies, there is nothing embarrassing about having body hair.
Let’s be honest, shaving or waxing your underarms is most likely the last thing you would share with your girlfriend over coffee. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because having body hair, even for women, is a very natural thing.
There are still many women who are against hair removal for various reasons and one of them is all the common tales that women around the world have been spreading around.

We heard what women have been saying about shaving and we spoke to some local experts to set the record straight: 

1) 'Shaving is bad for my skin'

Shaving is just another quick and easy way to get rid of dead skin.
It is quite the opposite because shaving is actually good for the skin. Most of us are familiar with exfoliating, a skincare routine that involves removing all the dead skin sitting on the skin’s surface, revealing soft, smooth skin underneath.
Besides using scrubs, shower loofahs or washcloths in our regular daily beauty regime, shaving can exfoliate our skin just as well because it basically helps to whisk away the outermost layer of dead skin cells, and of course, our body hair too. This way, we get to kill two birds with one stone.

2) 'Shaving makes my hair grow thicker, darker and faster'

You can't change what you inherited from your parents.
This is one of the most common myths among women, hence why some of us hesitate to shave. But this is not a true story! According to aesthetic physician Dr. Yeow Hui Qian, our hair’s thickness, colour and rate of growth are pre-determined by our genetics and shaving doesn’t change any of that. Quite frankly, saying that a physical action like shaving can alter our DNA just doesn’t make sense, right?
It doesn’t matter whether you shave or not, our hair grows back about 6mm in a month. This saying started going around because the blunt ends of the hair makes it looks thicker when it grows back. But like we mentioned, that’s not the case. So now you know, looks can be deceiving, even when it comes to body hair.

3) 'Shaving takes up too much time and effort' 

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.
If you’re still new to shaving, it might take you a bit of time to get used to the routine. But once you get the hang of it, it shouldn’t take away much of your sleep time because you’ll basically have no beauty salon appointments (for those who prefer waxing, we’re looking at you), no waiting time and no in-between days. Shaving certainly saves us more time and effort compared to other hair removal methods.
But how often should we shave if we no longer have in-between days? Well, we are all born different and so is our hair. Everyone’s hair grows differently so there is no right or wrong answer as to how often we should shave. Some women do it every day, while others have the privilege of waiting longer in-between shaves. As time goes by, we will slowly no more about our body and eventually find the right schedule that works.

4) 'I can shave without water when I’m in a hurry'

You really don't need that much shaving cream.
Dr. Yeow warned that this is highly not recommended because water, shaving cream or gel is important to give us a comfortable shave. An extra layer of lubricant allows the razor to glide over the skin a lot easier and makes the process all the more faster, especially when you’re in a hurry! We’ve also heard a tip that you can replace your shaving cream with hair conditioner, it works the same and helps you save some cash a well!

5) 'New razors can give me more cuts'

The idea of having a razor blade close to our skin can be quite terrifying, so it is only normal to assume that new razors can cause more nicks and cuts because of the sharp blades. On the contrary, a dull blade would have a higher chance of cutting your skin because you could be pressing harder on your skin to get a closer shave.
Some habits can cost you more than just money.
So if you find yourself going over the same spot again and again, it is time to change your razor. A good blade does the job for us and all we need is a light touch to get a good and clean shave. Don’t put too much pressure on your skin!
On that note, how often should we replace our razors? There is no specific rule, but it also depends on where and how often you shave. It could be as soon as you hit 10 shaves or even on an average of one to two months, as long as we spot the first sign of dullness or discomfort.

6) 'I can share razors with my partner'

Sharing is not always caring, even with your loved ones.
If you think that you can just grab your husband/boyfriend/brother/father’s razor in a hurry, you’re wrong. Unlike male razors, female razors are made with a pivoting head that follows a woman’s curves. So when we shave, we don’t have to worry about getting cuts, especially on our knee area or underarms.
Female razors are also more ergonomic because they come with a non-slippery grip that allows us to shave comfortably in the shower, unlike men who usually shave at the sink. So ladies, invest in your own razor blade, it really doesn’t cost that much.
After debunking some of the most common myths about shaving, we caught up with national gymnast and SEA Games gold medallist Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, who was recently introduced as the first Malaysian ambassador for Gillette Venus, the world’s best-selling female razor brand.
We decided to save her from her regular gymnastic routines for a couple of minutes and asked her about her best tips on shaving.
Farah Ann wants to bring more positivity into the shaving industry that is generally more male-dominated.
As we all know, Farah Ann is well-known for participating in both national and international gymnastics competitions. But even with her busy schedule, she never fails to take good care of her own body.
“I always believe in shaving because I feel that when I have clean, shaved legs and underarms, I feel more confident to compete because I know that I have silky, smooth skin,” she said.
One of Farah Ann’s favourite tips is to jump in the shower or bathtub and soak herself for a couple of minutes first before shaving to soften her hair and skin. This method hydrates your skin and makes shaving a lot faster and easier.
She also advised the ladies not to rush when shaving and always do it in a calm and relaxing environment.
“I like to do it the night before and scrub my skin first because with my dry skin, I tend to have a flaky skin texture. Scrubbing helps me get a good clean shave that can last longer,” she shared.

Having said all that, if you don't believe in hair removal, it is also entirely up to you. Hey, it's a free world after all! So just do what makes you feel the most confident.

As for the rest of you, save yourself from those waxing appointments and start shaving! After all, it is totally chemical-free, mess-free and smell-free.

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