Spotify Is Trying To Be Better At Guessing The Songs You Want To Hear

The music streaming platform is testing out a like/dislike button.

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Spotify Is Trying To Be Better At Guessing The Songs You Want To Hear
Image: Gotta Be Mobile
Spotify is finally working some real magic.
According to Mashable, the music streaming platform is currently testing out a 'like' and 'dislike' function for the 'Discover Weekly' playlists. This is similar to what they currently have for Daily Mix.
If you're more of an old-school radio listener and you just cannot be bothered by these online music streaming websites, then you're really missing out.

Discover Weekly is a weekly roundup of songs that the Spotify thinks you will enjoy and the playlist shuffles at the start of every Monday.
How often do you stream your Discover Weekly playlist?
Sometimes, the platform gets it pretty spot on, while other times, not as much. That's the beauty of algorithm. So this like/dislike feature could do the trick.

If you like what you’re hearing on the playlist, simply click the ‘like’ button on the song that is playing. If you don’t, just click the 'no' symbol.
Notice the new function on the bottom-left corner.
This will hopefully cater to listeners with better accuracy because it’s always nice to chance upon new music that suits your taste without having to dig through the internet for new artists or songs.
However, the like and dislike button is still not available for everyone just yet and Spotify can’t confirm if they will actually roll it out globally.

But we'll just take a wild guess and say that it will happen eventually. In fact, the Discovery Weekly playlists are such a hit that people have used it to stream nearly five billion tracks within one year!

So it's just a matter of time before everyone welcomes this function with open arms.

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