Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Brand New 'Invisible Box Challenge'

How on earth did she do that?!

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Everyone Is Freaking Out Over This Brand New 'Invisible Box Challenge'
Image: Screenshot from YouTube

Forget the Plank, the Mannequin Challenge and the Cinammon Challenge; the single bestest and greatest challenge is here!

A brand new day, a brand new social media challenge, but we have to say, this one is pretty cool and it's currently taking the Internet by storm.

Called the 'Invisible Box Challenge', it involves normal people like you and us to pretend to step on a non-existent box with one foot and then leap over it with the other foot.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it's actually easier said than done.

Despite how easy it sounds, the challenge has reportedly baffled Netizens all around the world due to the high degree of difficulty. There are tonnes of people who are certain it's a hoax, and those who tried to do the challenge claim that it's impossible.

Well, there are those who perfectly nailed it, like this cheerleader named Ariel:

Naturally, the Internet took it as a challenge (pun not intended) and some Netizens decided to give it a try:
No one could pinpoint when this Invisible Box Challenge actually started, but according to the UK's Daily Mail, it goes a while back.

Back in 2014, a video showing a Mexican dancer by the name of Marcos Grados pulling off the move set social media ablaze:

So, anyone of you gonna attempt this challenge? Send us videos, we want to see! 

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