10 Things You Can Relate To If You're A Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Junkie

We're all the same, you and us.

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10 Things You Can Relate To If You're A Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Junkie
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Prepare your wallet and bookshelves; the book attack is back!

Everyone's favourite book sale, the Big Bad Wolf, is back once again to terrorise your wallet and take up more space in your already crowded bedroom.

The last Big Bad Wolf event for the year 2018 (we think), it will run for 264 hours non-stop(!!!) from 7 to 17 December at the MINES International Exhibition & Convention Centre.

Featuring more than 4.5 million books, book lovers can expect discounts of up to 95 per cent off!

A book lover's treasure trove.Shopping for books at a huge, warehouse-like venue is, to be honest, quite an eye-opening experience, especially if it's your first time there. 

The amount of books and people, the pasar malam-like atmosphere, the neverending queue at the check out counters; we've grown used to the BBW-fest over the years.

So, if you're a huge bookworm and you've been to more Big Bad Wolf Book Sales than clubs in the past three years, we are pretty sure you can relate to these ten scenarios:

#1 Planning to go at 12am thinking there won't be a lot of people

...only to realise that everybody in Malaysia, Singapore and some say Batam had the same idea and you're stuck with a crowd bigger than you could've ever imagined.

#2 Buying books you know you definitely won't read

We're all guilty of doing this, but what else can we do? It's pretty, it's only RM8 and it's going into the basket.

#3 'This is it lah! I'm gonna finish reading all these books in two months'

When the next Big Bad Wolf Book Sale rolls around, you still have books you bought from the previous BBW, collecting dust in the corner of your room.

#4 Spending as much money (or maybe more) on posters, fridge magnets or badges

Just when you thought you're done spending money on the books inside, you'll have to walk through the posters and badges section and try - very hard! - not to splurge on that awesome-looking Muhammad Ali poster. Ugh, stop making us throw money at you guys!

#5 Refuse to buy any books at MPH or Borders

Because you think you can get it for cheaper at BBW, only to go home empty-handed because BBW doesn't sell books you want, only books you don't need that you'll end up buying anyway.

#6 Your friend tumpang you to buy a book but you ended up keeping it for yourself

"Hey Amanda, do you remember I said I found that 50 Shades Of Grey book you wanted? Turns out it wasn't it so I had to put it back," you said on the phone, as you flip another page, anticipating what Christian Grey would do to Anastasia Steele next.

#7 Must. Buy. All. The. Cookbooks!

It's scientifically (not) proven that dishes cooked with recipes from an actual cookbook taste better than those from online recipes. 

#8 Finally found a book you like only to realise it's a trilogy or part of a nine-book boxset

And now, you have to go through the tables and scan through thousands of titles - again! - to find the remaining books.

#9 You guard the receipt with your life

Because that's another RM300 you can write off for income tax purposes.

#10 Plotting your way around the venue to avoid those pesky credit card promoters

We want books, not more credit card bills.

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