Check Out This Cool Intergalactic ‘Star Wars’ Collection From Cotton On And Typo

BRB, emptying our bank accounts and selling every spaceship we have.

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Check Out This Cool Intergalactic ‘Star Wars’ Collection From Cotton On And Typo
Images: Typo
If you’re feeling kind of lost and unsure of what to get for your friend or family member who’s a huge Star Wars fan this Christmas, well ,we’ve got just the solution for you!

Cotton On and Typo recently unveiled their latest Star Wars collection in conjunction with the release of the latest movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

When we first laid our eyes on the type of merchandise offered, we know for certain that every being in every galaxy or universe would want to get their hands on them.

Oh, did we mention that the collection is super pocket-friendly too? More reasons to get more stuff!

The collection consists of all sorts of items such as bags, caps, t-shirts, mugs, marquee lights, notebooks, cards, keychains, planners, mugs, tumblers, iPhone cases; basically almost everything under the sun.

They are sold from RM15 onwards and some of the items are even on sale!

You'll be the coolest person in class if you have this.
Have a pesky friend that always asks you for paper in class to take down notes? Get them this set of five super-sleek Star Wars notebooks.

Priced at RM30 per set, each book will only cost you RM6! Or maybe you can keep three and give the remaining two to your buddy.

Apart from the notebooks, there’s also a planner, a calendar, and a postcard book that costs RM30 too.

That bag with the holographic logo though - LIT!
They also have some really nice bags to offer, and it looks like something that even Kylo Ren would like to rock. The bags are sold from RM119-RM149.

We know Malaysia is a hot and humid country and sometimes the heat makes you wish that you could relocate to another planet. Well, you can keep yourself cool with their caps and galactic-looking water bottles/tumblers.

The caps are sold for RM39-RM45 each, while the bottles/tumblers are priced between RM38-RM89.

Stay hydrated in style with these water bottles!
The Darth Vader one is so cool!
Our personal favourite would have to be the novelty mugs and marquee lights. Those cute mini lights are super LIT! It’ll definitely light up your life and galaxy.

The mugs, on the other hand, are so cool that even Luke Skywalker would consider taking a sip from them.

We hope this appears under out tree on Christmas.
You can purchase the Star Wars collection from all Cotton On and Typo stores throughout Malaysia or via their online store.

But if you’re planning to buy them as a Christmas gift, you’d better hop on your Millenium Falcon (or your trusty old Myvi) now and make your way to the nearest outlet.

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