Six Gorgeous Planners To Help You Take On 2018 Like A Boss!

Live life to the fullest with the help of these planners!

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  • Thursday, 28 December 2017
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Six Gorgeous Planners To Help You Take On 2018 Like A Boss!
2017 is already coming to an end and 2018 is fast approaching. Sigh. Where did all the time go? We are certain that we’re not the only ones who have issues in moving on!

However, on the bright side, it is this time around that calls for the fun session of getting a new planner! That’s right -- a physical planner for you to keep track of your meetings, events, and oh, you name it!

Sure, you can jot down your to-dos and set reminders for your appointments through the apps available on your advanced mobile phone but it’s just not the same. Trust us, the satisfaction of crossing out the tasks you had listed in your diary upon its completion with the intense strike of a pen is just amazing! 

Call it the Burn Book for better effect.
As for those who totally get it, it is probably time to step up the planner game by going for something more than the usual, normal planner. 

We have come up with a list of gorgeous planners that are not only going to help you be more organised and productive the whole year round but also, bring out your identity! Some of these planners are meant for so much more than just listing down future plans -- they function as journals and diaries too!

Check ‘em out!

1. ana tomy

Aren't they just so cute?
Price Range:
RM98.00 for Classic edition (without any add-on), RM128.00 for Artist edition

ana tomy is a brand under The Alphabet Press, a local letterpress stationery company. You can rest assured that the quality of the products they offer is top-notch.

Sophistication is the keyword here. ana tomy products will only be constructed and produced once an order is placed. Knowing that just makes the whole experience so much more unique and special! Their 2018 planners are yours to customise. There are two editions available -- the classic edition and the artist edition. 

The main difference between the two editions are the cover designs. Items such as the gel ink pen and bookmark as well as name personalisation are considered add-ons for the classic edition whereas the very same items are included by default at no extra cost for the artist edition.

Classic editions are simple and straightforward yet very elegant:
Artist editions feature animations of Bo Happiness, and everyone’s favourite (okay, maybe not everyone) furry animal -- kitty cats!

As for personalisation, there are tonnes you can do with it. You can pick your very own cover, inserts, gel ink pen and yes, even the colour of the elastic band.

Take your pick!
Impressive indeed! Speaking of which, the packaging of the planner is super neat too!

It is fair to say that the planner and the way it is packaged are a form of art.

We wouldn’t mind getting this as a present! *Please get the hint*
You can find out more about the customisations and get started on your very own ana tomy planner here!
Contact No.: 012-288 9921
Address: 11, Jalan SS 26/8, Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

2. Mossery

Love the coulours
Price: RM120

In case you didn’t already know, Mossery is a Malaysian brand focusing on the stationery business -- stationeries with that chic vibe, that is.

Mossery is a combination of the word ‘moss’ and ‘stationary’. What about the moss? Well, it reflects the enthusiasm one of the company’s founders has for Mother Nature.

Mossery’s mission is “to make thoughtful stationeries that help boost productivity and foster creativity”. Well, their 2018 planners would certainly help do just that! 

You can choose from various designs for the hardcover. The designs range from dreamy ombre colours to adorable animated kitties and even, simple plain-professional ones. Wire-O binding keeps the planner together! You can also include a personalised name on the cover in the fonts of either Sans Serif or Brush Script! 

If you’re looking for a more professional look, this Plain Burgundy would fit you well!
Cat-lovers, this one is for you!In total, the 2018 Mossery Planner has 208 pages of text paper. They are of 85gsm FSC-Certified Uncoated Paper which is environmentally-friendly, T.C.F. (Total Chlorine Free) and acid-free.

It is also worth to note that the papers are made in Italy! Mamma Mia!

Utilise what you’ve got!
The 2018 Mossery Planner also features inspiring illustrations, goals and values pages to keep that positivity flowing! 

An illustration that serves your daily dose of inspiration!
Write, draw, colour -- do it all with the Mossery 2018 planner!
Not only that, each planner also comes with a front paper pocket, ribbon bookmark and a back pocket. Very useful.

Perhaps, you could keep a small-sized picture of your cat (or crush) in this compartment!
The ribbon bookmark sure is a nice little addition to the planner.
You can check out the full collection and make your purchase along the way here!
On another note (pun intended), Mossery has also come out with Academic Planners. The Academic Planner is designed in such a way that would help students balance their personal, social and academic life. To find out more, you can check it out here.

E-mail: Contact No: 03-7865 5165
Address: 17, Jalan 51A/225A, Section 51A, PJCT Industrial Zone, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

3. Notbook Notbuk 

This is the stunning mosaic design.

Notbook Notbuk is also another Malaysian stationery brand which has made its mark in the industry since 2009.

Paper goods and stationeries were a subject of interest for Kricia, the founder of this company, long before the inception of the company. Well, the combination of her passion in this line and the knowledge and skills she acquired throughout her years as a graphic designer in the corporate world certainly helped in producing eye-catching products! 

Interestingly, Notbook Notbuk’s All Year Round Journal is undated; which means, the journal doesn’t cater for a specific duration. In other words, the journal can be used anytime!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how Pixel Batik looks like.
This Polka Red design is just so chic!
You decide the date based on when you use this journal. The purpose of this is to avoid wastage of pages and to prevent that inevitable discouraging mood you get when you missed several pages already. 

There are more where these came from. If you want to check out the rest of the designs that they have for the All Year Round Journal, click here.


4. Erin Condren

Totally Insta-worthy!
Price: USD55 (Around RM225) upwards ​

Anybody who has done their research on awesome planners must have stumbled upon the brand, Erin Condren. This American label has it all when it comes to paper products and stationery.

Planners are definitely one of their niche areas! Erin Condren has a wide range of planners to cater for different needs! By wide range, we mean, really wide!

Besides their signature LifePlanner™ which we will be focusing on, they have Teacher Lesson Planner, Academic Planner and even, Wedding Planner. They totally mean business!
We are so keen on the LifePlanner™!

This Floral Ink design is very eye-catching!
For the geeks within us.
Every year, they come up with an improvised version of this already-fabulous-planner! This year is no different! The sheets of the 2018 planner consist of thicker papers -- the 118gsm paper quality that ensures that pen ink will not bleed through! 

Another planner, another chance to customise! You get to choose the design of the LifePlanner™ cover and add other personalisation to it too.

There are tons of designs to choose from -- floral or pattern or classic or metallic or quotes, you get the point! The colour of the coil -- be it black, rose gold, gold or platinum -- is up to you! 

Yes, you can also customize the cover with your personal photos! How cool is that?!
This Luxe Letterpress cover costs a little extra than the others but hey, this would definitely enhance your sophisticated look!
The weekly-planning layouts are available in vertical, horizontal and hourly form -- again, the choice is yours.  Here’s a glimpse of how the different layouts look like in colourful theme (there’s a neutral colour them too):

The vertical layout looks like this.
This is the horizontal layout.
This hourly layout would be great for those who like to keep track of their schedule in very detailed manner.
For more details on the Erin Condren LifePlanner™, click here! You can also shop for accessories along the way too!

5. Passion Planner

Classic hues.
Price: USD25 (RM102) for the Compact planner, USD30 (RM123) for the Classic planner.

In November 2014, a project called Passion Planner - which really was about paper planner - was launched by Angelia Trinidad on Kickstarter and managed to raise USD658,434 (RM2.68mil) with 23,626 backers. Today, Passion Planner continues to spread its wings with more variety added to the collection. 

The Dated 2018 Bound collection is available in two sizes; A4 (Classic) and A5 (Compact) paper sizes. Black is the go-to colour for these products. 

However, they currently have other colours and designs on sale too! These are limited editions, guys! 

On second thought, this Golden Dream is our favourite!
Now we’re leaning more towards this Blue Blossom edition.
Ahhh, Rose Gold Blossom! Okay, we just can’t choose a sole favourite.
The planners also go by either Sunday or Monday referring to the weekly layout. The former means the weekly plans start from Sunday-Saturday while the latter denotes the sequence of plans that go by Monday-Sunday. 

The Passion Planner also comes with annual and monthly calendars, 20 additional blank pages and 20 additional gridded pages. 

The specifications, you ask? The Passion Planner has about 212 pages. The faux leather cover is soft and durable -- animal and vegan-friendly. The sheets are of 120gsm paper -- this is twice the thickness of a standard sheet of printer paper! 

This is how a utilized planner would look like!
Feel free to browse through their website for better clarity of the products they sell!


6. Sugar Paper

Less is more.
Price: Signature Agenda -- USD48 (RM196), Desk Agenda -- USD38 (RM155), Spiral Agenda -- USD28 (RM115) 

A Los Angeles-based company, Sugar Paper has been around since 2003. They have since been featured in publications such as VOGUE, InStyle and Vanity Fair.

The quality of their work matches the mission of the company which is, “to design exquisite social stationery that would be a distinctive stamp of style for their chic clientele, and shine a spotlight on a beautiful and underappreciated art form”.

Their 2018 planners, or agendas as they call it, sure are sweet-looking!

Minimalistic is the name of the game.
Based on the chosen design, the content does have a slight difference from one product to another. However, generally, the 2018 agendas come with monthly and weekly planner pages.

Birthdays and 'thank you' notes are also included -- something which sets this product apart from most other.  All the agendas come with a section of extra notes.

However, the privilege to personalise the product is only applicable to the Signature Agenda and Desk Agenda. Additional charges will incur for the personalisation. The material and size of the agenda differ from one design to another. 

This Black Pinstripe Signature Agenda provides you with the usual monthly and weekly planner
Not only that, Sugar Paper also produces monthly planners! You can browse through the complete selections they have here!
Website:   Now that we've listed down the options, it's time for you to choose your new planner. May the chosen one work well for you throughout the year!

Rojak Daily would like to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year!

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