5 Malaysians Who Are Actually Super ‘Tererrr’


They are, like, almost superhuman level of ‘terrer’.

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5 Malaysians Who Are Actually Super ‘Tererrr’

Talented Malaysians. Talented Malaysians, everywhere!

Take a look around you and you’ll see tonnes of talented, ‘terrer’ Malaysians around who are doing amazing things. 

Be it on the tracks, or in the academic field, or the entertainment industry; these Malaysians are undoubtedly making Malaysia very proud with their talents. 

Unfortunately, we sometimes feel that they their achievements are often overlooked and they don’t get the recognition they deserve. But don’t worry; we at Rojak Daily see you and are extremely proud of you for all that you’ve done for the country.

To these five Malaysians, we honestly think you are super ‘terrer’ lah:

#1 Omar Raiyan Azlan

The definition of wonderkid.
At the age of 12, Omar Raiyan Azlan has probably achieved more than all of us combined. The Malaysian teenager, who is now staying in Abu Dhabi with his family, is a certified maths genius and is reportedly able to solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 40 seconds! How ‘terrer’ is that? We can't even solve a Rubik's Cube in 40 years!

Not only that; Omar is actually really good on the football pitch as well. By the age of nine, he’s already earned a spot on the Abu Dhabi Manchester City football team. A couple of years later, he was awarded the Player of the Season award by Manchester City.

You win, Omar!

#2 Cassandra Hsiao

We barely got accepted into one university...
Ahh, the most sought-after teenager of 2017. Cassandra Hsiao, 17, made international headlines earlier this year when she became the first Malaysian-born person to be accepted into ALL eight Ivy League Schools as well as other prestigious institutions.

Her essay about how she struggled with the English language growing up and how she was made fun of because of that captured the hearts of the universities (and millions of other people, as a matter of fact). She eventually chose to attend Yale University.

Oh, not only that; Cassandra is also a budding journalist who has rubbed shoulders with some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities such as Emma Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Evans to name a few. If she’s not ‘terrer’, we don’t know who is!

#3 Dr Noor Liyana Yusof

Making vegetable safe!
If you’ve been feeding your babies spinach as part of a healthy diet, you really have Dr Noor Liyana Yusof to thank. In her research findings from her PhD thesis, Noor Liyana discovered a way to make spinach safe for young children, especially infants, to consume.

Prior to Noor Liyana’s discovery, spinach can be harmful for babies due to its nitrate content. However, Noor Liyana managed to develop a method which supposedly reduces the nitrate content by up to 70 per cent using sugar and vacuum. This method alters the metabolism of the spinach leaf, which then breaks down nitrate and converts it to proteins.

This method is already being used to pre-treat fruit and vegetables, so Noor Liyana – you memang ‘terrer’!

#4 Khairul Hafiz Jantan

The fastest 'Jantan' ever!
If you’ve not heard of Khairul Hafiz Jantan before, we suggest that you permanently move into the rock that you’ve been under all this while.

In a nutshell, Khairul is the most polarising Malaysian athlete since that guy who plays badminton (we forgot his name, sorry) – and he is only 19!

This year alone, he was crowned the fastest man in South-East Asia when he won the gold medal in the men’s 100m final in the 2017 Kuala Lumpur SEA Games, becoming the youngest ever Malaysian to win the gold in the 100m race.

Then, back in July, he broke the 200m national record held by the legendary M. Jegathesan – which stood for an incredible 49 years

Last year, the man nicknamed the ‘Speedy Jantan’ also broke Watson Nyambek's 18-year-old 100m national record at the SUKMA Games.

Seriously, we can’t think of any local athlete who’s more ‘terrer’ than Khairul Hafiz Jantan right now.

#5 Felicia Yap

Felicia is doing it all.
Oh, you thought Wonder Woman isn’t real? Think again! Felicia Yap, an up-and-coming author born in Cheras, is taking the world by storm with her debut novel ‘Yesterday’.

Billed as the next ‘Gone Girl’, the 36-year-old’s fantasy-thriller actually sparked a major bidding frenzy. Eight agents fought to represent her. In the UK alone, three publishers fought for the rights to the novel. In the end, publishing house Headline won with a six-figure sum.

In China, nine publishers bid for the rights. A movie deal is also reportedly in the works.

If that’s not ‘terrer’ enough, here’s a list of her other accomplishments: she is also a radioactive cell-biologist, a war historian, a lecturer at the Cambridge and London School of Economics, a journalist who’s written for The Economist and The Business Times, an award-winning competitive ballroom dancer and a catwalk model. 

You can read more about our exclusive interview with her by clicking here.

You can be 'terrer' too!

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