Sultan Of Johor Receives The Car Of His Dreams – A ‘Flintstones’ Car That’ll Literally Rock The Streets

We need to take a spin in the car!

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Sultan Of Johor Receives The Car Of His Dreams – A ‘Flintstones’ Car That’ll Literally Rock The Streets
Original Image: Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar Facebook page
Almost everyone knows that His Majesty Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, is a big fan of cars.

Well, cars would be an understatement; he’s in fact a fan of quirky automobiles and has an extensive collection of it, ranging from his Optimus Prime-inspired Mack truck to his three-wheeler car and classic vintage cars.

Well now, the Sultan is set to add another unique addition to his collection, one that perhaps is the only one in the world – a Flintstones car.

Yes, it’s the exact same wooden car with stone wheels which Fred Flintstone drives in the cartoons. The Sultan of Johor is apparently a big fan of the cartoon series, which even prompted him to build his own Flintstones inspired house:

Google His Majesty's Flintstones house and you will be in awe.
The car was gifted by Pahang Crown Prince Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to the Johor ruler on Monday. The news was shared on His Majesty’s official Facebook page.

Dear Sultan Johor, can you loan the car to us for one day, please?
Now His Majesty can drive the car without using his feet to power it!
Unlike the original car, Sultan Johor’s version of the iconic car is equipped with a motor, so that the driver and the passenger won’t have to use their feet to move the vehicle as seen in the cartoon series.

The car has a wooden finishing with stone-like wheel coverings.

Now Sultan of Johor, you've just became the envy of every Malaysian who grew up watching the 'Flintstones'.

We can’t wait to see His Majesty driving around the cool prehistoric car while shouting “Yabba, dabba doo!". That will be so adorable! 

Even a thousand Ferraris can't compare to how cool this car is.
Now, on the topic of fictional cars or automobiles coming to life… is there any possibility that a member of the royal family wants to gift us the Hogwarts Express or the Nimbus 3000?

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