These Comics Reimagine 'Star Wars' Characters As Malaysians, And They Are Darn Cute!

Princess Leia is now known as Kak Lia who sells nasi lemak.

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These Comics Reimagine 'Star Wars' Characters As Malaysians, And They Are Darn Cute!
Images: Lefty
As a local Star Wars fan, how do you incorporate Star Wars into your art take it to the next level? You create an alternate universe and include some Malaysian pop culture references, that's how.

Meet Julian ‘Lefty’ Kam, a Malaysian comic book artist who created a cool series of illustrations depicting various Star Wars characters living their life at Taman Sri Angkasa, a “small border town situated near the North South Highway of Bolehland.”

Lefty told The Star in an interview that he wanted a “down-to-earth Malaysian suburb that could contain this bunch of intergalactic characters” and believed that it could be “fun to see iconic international characters in our everyday life scenarios.”

"Lai, lai, lai, beli 3 percuma 1."
Bersatu, berkhidmat untuk negara!
As we go through his illustrations, we couldn’t help but smile at all the localised names these Star Wars characters have.

Princess Leia Organa is now Kak Lia or Putri Lia, Han Solo is known as Hang Sulu, Chewbacca has a Chinese name – Chew Bak Kah, Yoda as Sifu Yuda, and Luke Skywalker as Farmboy Luke.

Each character has their own backstory and roles.

“Kak Lia’s stall is everybody’s favourite breakfast stop. From the young clerk who sends her daughter to the tadika before going to work, to lorry drivers like Hang Sulu and his faithful pal Chew,” Lefty told the English daily.

Hang Sulu and Chew Bak Kah probably on the way to work.
Sifu Yuda milking his powers into an income.
Boba is now a grass cutter, while Darth Vader is a member of parliament and has a Datukship title to his name. Sifu Yuda on the other hand is some sort of magician and Farmboy Luke sells durian and other fruits for a living.

Why so angry, Dato'?
You can also find other iconic characters such as Boba Fett, Darth Vader, and Stormtroopers in his illustrations which, by the way, are all up for sale. All of his illustrations are part of his “Welcome to Sri Angkasa” ink print series.

Each print has a limited run of 50 A2-sized pieces per illustration and is sold for RM100 each. You can purchase these eccentric prints here.

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