These New Kicks Are Like Gaming Consoles On Your Feet

They can even light up and vibrate!

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These New Kicks Are Like Gaming Consoles On Your Feet
Image: PlayStation
If you're both a sneakerhead and gaming enthusiast, this pair of sneakers will be your dream come true.

Nike collaborated with basketball player Paul George for their latest limited edition shoes that are PlayStation-themed.

The PG2 is George's second signature shoe after the PG1 and pays homage to his love for gaming even when he is on court. The Oklahoma Thunder player apparently considers himself one of the biggest gamers in the NBA!

Inspired by the popular gaming console, the sneakers come with tongues bearing the PlayStation and PG logos that light up. You can turn the lights on and off just by pressing a button inside the shoes.

One of the coolest features about the PG2 is the pulse mode that is activated each time you press the buttons, mimicking the vibrations on the PlayStation Dual Shock controller.

Besides the flickering lights and vibrations, the insole is designed after the galaxy-theme graphic similar to PlayStation's wallpapers.

And if you look closely at the eyelets for the laces, they share the same colours as the buttons on the PlayStation controllers - blue, green, pink and red.

We've talked about the design of the sneakers, so what about the performance?

The lead designer of the PG2 Tony Hardman told Engadget that they wanted to make sure that George would be comfortable wearing them while he plays on court. Hence why the shoes come with Nike's Zoom Air technology on the midsole to give extra cushioning.

Cop or drop?
According to Engadget, the batteries within the shoes are self-contained, which means you don't have to charge them. But this also means you can't replace them. These batteries only have a lifespan of 150 hours, that is just slightly over six days.

So if you do decide to buy the PG2, don't turn on the lights 24/7 to impress your friends. Once the batteries run out, you won't see any more neon lights on your feet lah.

The limited edition PG2 shoes will be available worldwide beginning 10 February for USD110 (RM431).

What do you think of Nike's latest collaboration? Will you be queuing up for these?

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