Zara Is Selling Your Dad's Sarong For More Than RM380

We can get it in more colours for a lot cheaper, just saying.

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Zara Is Selling Your Dad's Sarong For More Than RM380
Image: Zara
When will big fashion retailers stop turning everyday things into high fashion? Probably never.

Last year, we had luxury fashion brands like Balenciaga turning rubber car mats into skirts and IKEA tote bags into their own shopper tote bag.

Another well-known fashion outlet is following Balenciaga's footsteps and creating their own version of something you may or may not see every day, in your father or grandfather's wardrobe, that is.

Zara, a fast fashion retailer from Galicia, is selling a skirt that looks just like a lungi a.k.a. a sarong that we can find easily in our part of the world.

And they're selling it for more than RM380 (GBP69.99)!

They could have come up with a better colour, tbh.
The website describes our sarong as a"flowing skirt with draped detail in the front". It even has "front slit detail at the hem" and "zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam".

Wow, so fancy!

At least they gave us a good laugh.
To be honest, we've got no problems wearing clothes and accessories inspired by common items. But why should we pay so much when we can find the original for a fraction of the price?

Hey Zara, we can get this for less than RM10 and we have more than one colour! By the way, ours are customisable.

What zipper nonsense are you talking about?
Sorry Zara fans, but we ain't buying this.

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