5 Star Wars Fashion Collaborations That Every True Fan Must Have

Fancy a lipstick in the shade of The Dark Side?

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5 Star Wars Fashion Collaborations That Every True Fan Must Have
Image: Hot Topic, Uniqlo, Covergirl & Adidas
Dark Lords, Siths,  Jedis, Stormtroopers and Young Padwans, rejoice! Today is the official Star Wars day or considered a Star Wars holiday by avid fans of the movie franchise. The history of this day dates back to May 4th 1979, when Margaret Thatcher was elected as the British Prime Minister. A local ad in The London Evening News read "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations”. Later in 2011, the first celebration of Star Wars Day was organized by the Toronto Underground Cinema in Canada. After that year, all the celebrations were held on the 4th of May. Since then, the saying “May The Fourth Be with You” is widely used by fans all around the world (and maybe the intergalactic) to commemorate this special day.

So, how do fans celebrate this day? Normally, they will organize a gathering and dress up to their intergalactic nines in their Star Wars costumes, looking flyer than the Millennium Falcon. But, if you want to steer away from the costumes and still look good celebrating, here are a few fashion collaborations that you should checkout. And no, it doesn’t include a Chewbacca costume.

Star Wars X Adidas

Image: Adidas

Yes, Adidas has previously collaborated with Star Wars a few times before but this time around, they’re offering fans something more personalized. You can customize the Adidas Originals’ Classic Superstar 80s model by adding Stromtrooper prints, exclusive Star Wars shoe laces and more. However, this collaboration was carried out last year in lieu with the Star Wars flick Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Therefore, chances of you customizing it with these cool features are...a light saber to none. The only way to do it is to put the words “Star Wars” on it but without the official font and some Star Wars-ish colour palette and feel. Well, let’s just hope this cool feature is back when the next movie comes out.

Star Wars X Uniqlo UT (Graphic T-Shirts)

Image: Uniqlo
Uniqlo seems to make collaborations with almost every big movie franchise and Star Wars is no exception. They have come up with a line of t-shirts to celebrate Star Wars Day. These ultra-comfortable t-shirts seem to be the sane option in our hot and humid weather especially with the El Nino around. It’s available for adults and kids, so you could get it for the whole family and imagine how cute y’all will look when you sport them together. You can purchase them at the nearest Uniqlo store or online. And just to give you more reasons to purchase it, some of the shirts have been marked down. You can thank us or belanja us one later.

Star Wars X J.Crew

Image: J.Crew
J.Crew is probably like the high-end version of Parkson, you could find almost everything or anything there. From fashion to bedding, you are spoiled for choice! Did we mention they even have a wedding line to cater from the bride & groom to the ring-bearer? Anyway, they have come up with a cool line of Star Wars products for kids that will awaken your inner geek forces. Just look at that amazing 3D Darth Vader bag! According to reviews, it’s even big enough for an adult. And don’t get us started Chewbacca bedding. You can shop the collection here.

Star Wars X Covergirl

Image: Covergirl
Want your make up to be on fleek while channeling some Dark Side vibes or Rey’s effortless beauty? Covergirl has got you covered! After looking at the line of cosmetics they have from lipsticks to nail polish, you’d be screaming “Yoda one I want!”  You can now finally get a lipstick shade as dark as the Dark Lord or C-3PO’s golden sheen. Not only that, they’re also super affordable. Prices start from USD5.49 (RM21.89) and you can purchase them here.

Star Wars X Hot Topic

Image: Hot Topic
This collaboration is one of our favourites so far. They managed to elevate the actual outfits and costumes in the movie without making it look cheap and tacky. Did we mention that they have sizes ranging from xs to 3xl? The outfits in our opinion are wearable throughout any season as it doesn’t give off a costume feel to it. You could look all polished for work during the day and be a bad-ass Jedi fighter at night. Our must-haves? The BB-8 dress and Phasma jacket. Ultra-chic! Get the collection here.

So, do you have any of the items mentioned above? If you do, please share it with us in the comments below. If you haven’t, well may the credit card transactions be with you!

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