This Year, Brace Yourself For The Largest iPhone Ever

Size matters.

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This Year, Brace Yourself For The Largest iPhone Ever

Don't believe anyone who tells you that size doesn't matter.

In this day and age of smartphone supremacy, manufacturers are constantly battling each other to see who would come up on top in terms of features and technology.

But one manufacturer plans to get a jump on the competition in one aspect: size.

According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is preparing to launch the biggest iPhone ever sometime this year.

Citing insiders familiar with the products, the report suggests that the monster iPhone will boast a screen size of up to 6.5 inches - 0.7-inches bigger than the iPhone X.

If the rumours prove to be true, it will make the monster iPhone the one of the largest smartphones in the market.

Undeniable fact.
Bloomberg also revealed that the body of the phone will be about the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, but the rumoured edge-to-edge display will add an additional inch to the size of the screen.

Apple also plans to release a gold-coloured device to drive sales in Asia, the website reported.

The world's most valuable company is reportedly already running production tests with its suppliers, and they are on track for a fall launch, according to Bloomberg.

Three iPhone Xs for three times the fun.
And that's not all; rumours have it that together will the monster iPhone, Apple would also be launching two more devices: an upgraded iPhone the same size of the iPhone X, and a less expensive version of the iPhone X that includes some of the X's key features.

What do you think? Would you go for the bigger iPhone X this year?

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