Get To Know Malaysia's Very Own Batman

He even has his own Batpod and costume!

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Get To Know Malaysia's Very Own Batman
Image: Batman Malaysia
Five years ago, there was a video uploaded onto YouTube that made all the Batman fans in Malaysia jump from their seats.
In that video, an unidentified man is seen riding every Batfan’s dream motorbike – The Batpod.
In case you didn’t know, the Batpod is made popular by the comic superhero as he tackles Gotham City’s most notorious villains.

The video has since gathered 2.3 million views on YouTube.
But it didn’t just stop there.
Recently, the unknown individual made another appearance on social media, and this time, he was spotted in a full-on Batman costume!
He could give Ben Affleck and Christian Bale a run for their money.
He told Rojak Daily Skop that he prefers to remain anonymous and only refers himself as Batman Malaysia.
Just like everyone else, he has been a fan of the superhero since he was a young boy. But the idea to build the Batpod stemmed after watching the movie, The Dark Knight.
What started as merely a dream later turned into reality when he got in touch with Eastern Bobber to create his dream bike. Eastern Bobber is a team of bike enthusiasts based in Malaysia that specialise in building, customising and selling bikes.
Batman Malaysia also utilised his own knowledge in motoring and vehicle customisation in this collaborative project.
If you think that Batman Malaysia’s Batpod is awesome, wait till you hear this.
It's not every day you get to see something like this on the highway.
He has already started building the newer version!
The original one he created was built from an existing bike with a Modenas Jaguh 170cc engine. For the new and improved one, he included tyres which were imported from overseas.
The new tyres come in a size that is more suitable for the framework and structure of the Batpod, making it epic enough to be an actual superhero’s motorcycle!
In his most recent appearance, his handmade Batman costume definitely caught the public’s attention.
Batman Malaysia's version looks almost identical to the original.
Knowing how popular Batman is, it is natural that thousands of people around the world tried their hands at creating their own version of the superhero costume.
But for Batman Malaysia, he makes sure that his quality is top-notch.
He revealed that the Batman costume was made using a piece of old and worn out leather jacket, and he spent the longest time working on the chest piece.
Well, it’s not easy to imitate Batman’s pecs, that’s for sure!
We’re amazed by how this handmade costume is almost identical to the one in the movie! Don’t you think so?
Now after producing Batman’s motorbike and costume, the next item that should follow is obviously the Batmobile Tumbler.

Can you just imagine seeing this on Malaysian roads?
This is exactly what Batman Malaysia is planning right now!
At the moment, he has already build the basic chassis of the Batmobile. All he needs now is some funding help to get a functional engine.
We’re super excited to hear about his future Batman plans and we can’t wait to see the actual Batmobile come into fruition.
If you’re just as excited as we are to see what Batman Malaysia is up to, you can follow his Facebook page. Who knows? You might actually be inspired to make your favourite superhero’s costume and vehicle!
This story first appeared on Rojak Daily Skop in Bahasa Malaysia.

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